Lancer Spotlight 10/12/21: Linganore’s girl’s varsity team appreciates their teachers and pull out the win


Victoria Garofolo

Linganore’s girls varisty stand with the teachers they appreciate.

by Sophia Hopkins, Reporter

On October 12, girls varsity soccer team played against South Hagerstown. During the halftime break, each team player highlighted a teacher that they appreciate. The team picked teachers from elementary, middle, and high school.

The girls chose to appreciate their teachers because they think it is important to show teachers how much they help their students. Teachers are able to provide a support system in school so that students can excel.

“I chose to appreciate Poff (Andrea Poffinberger) because I had her last year in volleyball, and I also have her currently for sports medicine. She’s a great teacher and I know I can always talk to her if I need anything whether it is school related or not.” Said senior Ashley Hollar.

The girls are wearing shirts custom made to show support for teachers and appreciation. (Victoria Garofolo)

After a rough year of virtual school, many teachers believed that they weren’t able to learn about their student as well. With this new school year teachers have finally been able to engage in real conversation with their students, and are trying to adapt to new faces.

“It is my first time, and it is nice after a rough year. It is also nice to be appreciated and be with students unmasked.” Said English teacher Patricia Kolias.

The teachers were able to see skills student have outside the academic world, and they were able to converse with teachers outside of their department or school.

The game kicked off with heavy intensity, and the first goal was scored by Kerri Donohue. Linganore played well with high intensity and great communication. The girls did a great job on connecting passes, and by the end of first half they had scored 4 goals. As the last whistle was blown the girls had scored 6 more goals, securing their win of 10-1. The goals were scored by Kerri Donohue, Erika Moore, Ava Taylor, Payton Arneson, Maddie Childers, Georgia Sible, Melanie Barger, and Ashley Hollar.

Linganore’s girls varsity team has a 9-0 season. Their next game is 10/14 @6:30. The team is coached by Paige Pohopin and Mark Lastova.

These following teachers were appreciated:

Rick Connor (Allyssa Grunwald)

Randi Kirkland (Erika Moore)

Beth Ericsson (Vicky Garofolo)

Rachel Easterday (Jamie Donohue)

Leslie Parente (Kerri Donohue)

Andrea Poffinberger (Ashley Hollar)

Jessica Baker (Cathrine Bowers)

Jake Snow (Madie O’Brien)

Darren Hornbeck (Maddie Childers)

Christian Madenspacher (Melanie Barger)

Mary Troxel (Anessa Davy)

Patricia Kolias (Alex Stuart)

Tracy Bozzonetti (Emma Pratchios)

Sonny Joseph (Payton Arneson)

Jared Nuse (Georgia Sible)

Leslie Meyer (Cailin Spellman)

Ava Taylor (Jenny McGinnis)

Shoshannah Myers (Emily Pergason)

Lei Woozley (Gemma Davis)

Jennifer Weiss (Mandy Hill)

Sarah Brown (Kylie Hoiberg)

Mark Lastova (Josie Beezel)