Top 10 Tik Tok trends of 2021

Top 10 Tik Tok trends of 2021

by Marissa DePalma, Editor

Tik Tok had many good trends this year. Here are the top ten of 2021.

Sleigh Ride Christmas Dance: This Fun Tik Tok dance emerged in late November. It’s not your average Christmas dance. The Tik Tok is easy to learn and many people are posting videos of them and their friends dancing to this festive Christmas song. 


Good Soup: This Tik Tok sound came from a show named Girls where Actor, Adam Driver, says “good soup” in one of the episodes of the show. People write out bad situations they are in so the “good soup” is sarcastic. People have also used this sound over a video of them eating soup, just like in the show.


Bones Day: This interesting Tik Tok trend features an old pug named Noodles. His owner films him waking up and tries to stand him up. If Noodles stands up, it’s a “Bones Day” and if he collapses, it’s a “No Bones Day.” This is a fun joke that the community uses to determine if they will have a good day or a bad day.


Helicopter Helicopter: People get increasingly faster as they spin in a time lapse video, resulting in a funny looking clip. The time lapse makes it look as if you’re not touching the floor, but just hovering above while spinning. 


Devious Licks: Most destructive Tik Tok trend yet. According to The Frederick News Post, “Students in more than 10 Frederick County schools have vandalized bathrooms…”. This trend encouraged people to steal things from school and record the act. This trend turned into the “Holy yield” trend where people donated to school bathrooms in attempt to avoid destruction but still participate in the trend.

Adult Swim: Creative trend where the TV network logo “Adult Swim ” would appear somewhere in the video. Some are funny and some are creative short films that have been edited and touched up to look almost movie-like. 


Rick and Morty Smeeze, A fun dance to do and is a catchy song. This dance was also created into an emote on the popular video game Fortnite. People participating in this trend posted videos of them dancing to the song, or they recorded their friends and rated their dance as the video goes on.  


The Jerk: Fun dance that many people could not do, much like the Smeeze Dance. Posting funny fails of people doing this dance was the best of this trend. 


Berries And Cream: His old Skittles commercial had a number of uses and was turned into many funny remixes and dancing videos. People posted videos doing the iconic Berries and Cream dance. 


Byron: Best trend by far. This video of a man on the streets of Coney Island, NY saying he wants to take Joe Biden out to dinner. Other people in the video are rapping, dancing, and answering questions that the interviewer asks. This sound turned into many remixes and people lip syncing to the video. 

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