Top 10 Comfort Foods for Winter 2021

When you curl up, cozy on a winter night, what are you grabbing to eat first?


Audrey Kilgore

A collage of over ten popular winter comfort foods from the year of 2021.

by Audrey Kilgore, Editor


The wind is blowing while snow flurries outside. You’re curled up on the couch under a blanket watching your favorite movie, with a fire crackling in your fireplace. Now, the question is… What is the perfect comfort food that you will come up with to top off your wonderful night? Based on a poll, Lancers agree these are their favorite comfort foods!



Soup. Soup is a steamy way to warm up and stay healthy. There are endless flavors and variations, but it’s a top food in the winter for obvious reasons. Part of what makes this food so comforting is that you might not have to get it for yourself when you’re sick and refueling in bed!

The poll results reveal that about 1.8% of voters choose soup as their favorite winter comfort food.


Pot Pie. This rich and filling favorite can be made with different ingredients based on your tastes. With a crispy, buttery pie crust filled with meat and veggies of your preference and flooded with piping hot gravy, what could be better? Don’t burn the roof of your mouth off, though!

The poll results reveal that 3.6% of voters choose pot pie as their favorite winter comfort food.


Casseroles. Whether it’s green bean, tuna noodle, hash brown, or some other savory baked casserole, it’s a favorite at family gatherings. They can be anything, from sweet potatoes with marshmallows to green beans and crispy onion flakes for toppings. The most popular casseroles are like well-known guests that people look forward to greeting in the winter months around the dinner table. They are easy to prepare and provide several servings!

The poll results reveal that 3.6% of voters choose casseroles as their favorite winter comfort food.


Mashed Potatoes & Gravy. Not always the easiest to make, mashed potatoes and gravy are worth the effort as a crowd pleaser for all ages. The rich, creamy and buttery potatoes, complemented by the depth of flavor in a homemade gravy, will tickle your taste buds on a chilly day. It’s popular not just on Thanksgiving, but as a perfect side to many different main dishes.

The poll results reveal that 5.5% of voters choose mashed potatoes & the optional gravy addition as their favorite winter comfort food.


Stuffing. One of my personal favorites, warm homemade stuffing is usually a holiday or winter meal staple. Drizzling hot gravy across this meal will only enhance the flavors. It can be made with different types of bread, vegetables and various other ingredients and seasonings, or even a Stove Top box, making it quick, easy and satisfying.

The poll results reveal that 7.3% of voters choose stuffing as their favorite winter comfort food.


Pizza. Pizza is a classic pleaser. Hot pizza is great for any gathering or party, and it is the perfect casual ending to a cold day. Cold pizza becomes a delicious leftover meal. You can order it or make it yourself at any time or place, as well as any season, and with however many toppings or dips you may like.

Pizza was the write-in favorite.


Lasagna. This pasta dish will keep you coming back for more. Many have traditional or family recipes for this, from vegetarian to meaty. There are also cultural variations to this layered dish, such as pasticcio, a common Greek comfort food in the winter. There are several brands of frozen lasagna that are easy to heat and taste great.

The poll results reveal that 14.5% of voters choose lasagna as their favorite winter comfort food.


Grilled Cheese. This is a nearly perfect food, crispy and butter on the outside and cheesy and warm on the inside. It also goes well with soup. These consist of more ingredients other than cheese: bacon, onions, tomatoes, pickles, ham. Try a grilled cheese bagel!

The poll results reveal that 14.5% of voters choose grilled cheese as their favorite winter comfort food.


 Apple Pie. This classic dessert often accompanies many winter dishes and holds a special place in many people’s hearts. Even with a scoop of ice cream, its warmth will radiate through to your soul. These pies are very common, and are a year-round favorite dessert! They can be a traditional family recipe, or simply an easy-bake option.

The poll results reveal that 20% of voters choose apple pie as their favorite winter comfort food.


 Macaroni & Cheese. This warm and gooey dish, from Kraft to homemade, is a popular option during cold winter days – even for picky eaters and tots. There is a reason it is usually the first thing listed on every kids menu! It is not too messy and it is simple, though it’s also easy to find a more sophisticated version with truffle flavor or other variations. Who does not love mac & cheese? After all, it has been a crowd-pleaser for decades.

The poll results indicate that mac & cheese is ranked as the overall best winter comfort food, having taken about 29% of the votes overall. It is a fan-favorite! If it wasn’t a first choice, for many, it was a close second.

A relaxing living room environment at its finest during the winter, with a lit fireplace keeping it toasty. A great place to sit down and enjoy some comfort foods. (Scott Kilgore)


*More Top Favorites! More incredibly comforting favorites, as indicated in optional poll responses, are anything chocolate (including hot chocolate), cookies of all varieties that you can make and decorate with others, slightly sweet but mostly savory corn pudding, and traditional or Hawaiian bread rolls. Pasta is a fantastic option for many in winter – especially for Italian families. Perhaps the most surprising of all, ice cream still remains a top pick despite the frigid winter temperatures.