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One Tribe: Lancer seniors stay positive through COVID-19

Grace and Alaina worry they will wear graduation robes only for photo shoots.

by Grace Gaydosh and Alaina Burger

April 3, 2020

For the seniors, this school year seemed to be a series of losses.  Linganore High School’s class of 2020 lost the spirit stick during the Homecoming Spirit Week. They lost their last football state championship game as well. Now, due to COVID-19, they might lose prom, graduation, and their last su...

Visiting the Flight 93 Memorial: Shanksville trip changed perspectives of 9/11

Senior Elizabeth Gilmore places the tribute she made at the Wall of Names.

by Elizabeth Anderson and Bailey Spore

November 11, 2019

Elizabeth Gilmore placed a painted rock at the base of the Wall of Names to honor Deora Bodley. On it was a drawing of the earth surrounded by a peace sign. When she researched Bodley's life, Gilmore learned that Bodley often spoke of how she wanted to live in a more peaceful world. This was just...

Maryland plans to replace PARCC with new standardized test

Maryland plans to replace PARCC with new standardized test

by Dana Kullgren, Reporter

October 18, 2018

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers—or PARCC test, as it is more commonly known—is being scrapped in Maryland. This online standardized test is familiar to most Maryland high school students, as it must be taken by students in English 10 and Algebra I (and, for the ...

Wise words from today’s leaders to tomorrow’s: What advice can I give you?

Wise words from today's leaders to tomorrow's:  What advice can I give you?

by Garrett Wiehler, Editor

May 22, 2017

I am 18 years old and about to pursue a career in International Studies. (That's today's plan, but I'm feeling pretty sure of it.) Throughout my teens, I have been motivated to learn more about myself and others through my passions:  Scouting, drama, Destination Imagination, Model United Nations and journa...

The masks we wear: 9/11 class project reveals the effects of trauma on soldiers

Maya Hannon describes a mask she made for the 9/11 mask project.

by Beau Cameron, Managing Editor

March 2, 2017

The 9/11 studies course was approved by the Board of Education in spring 2016, and Mr. Darren Hornbeck taught the course for the first time in the fall of 2016.  The mask project was one part of the class experience.   The class discusses the effects of 9/11 on our modern society and military, the ...

National & Global Issues: Should this class be required?

National & Global Issues class discussing concerns around the candidate for Chief Strategist.

by Victoria Rock, Reporter

November 17, 2016

Many young men and women don’t watch the news often, leaving them clueless as to what is happening around them. National and Global Issues class gives us students a chance to study and develop an understanding of the daily news and key issues around the world. With studying these issues, comes new awarene...

From $2 to over $600: What does it cost to save a life?

LeAnn Windsor, Practical nurse, holds a pack of EpiPens, an EpiPen trainer, and a medicine bag.

by Victoria Rock, Reporter

September 29, 2016

On  August 25, Mylan Pharmaceutical Company released the new price for the EpiPen. The company pushed a 500% increase into billions of dollars, the CEO now making 19 billion dollars. The injector contains 0.3 mg of epinephrine, a chemical that can reverse the effects of a life threatening allergic reaction. “Th...

Facebook Live: Viral birth video warns of TMI to come

Facebook Live:  Viral birth video warns of TMI to come

by Olivia DuBro, Editor-In-Chief

May 19, 2016

You're scrolling through your news feed. You 'like' your cousin's prom picture. You 'love' your mom's status about how proud she is of her kids. You even go out of your way to read the article your best friend's mom shared about increasing college tuition prices. And then you see it. Like a horrib...

Maryland Politics: Do you know who represents you?

Maryland Politics: Do you know who represents you?

by Elena Guardia, Reporter

March 14, 2016

There's campaign ads on every channel; the news showing a constant coverage of politics; and everyone is preparing for April 26th, election day in Maryland! Did you know that there is more than one election?  The Maryland primaries decide state offices, too. With all the buzz about the presidential ele...

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