Lancer Spotlight: Bowers juggles several soccer teams and academics


Brayden Gregory

Collage of Catherine Bowers playing soccer on her various teams. An assortment of photos taken by Victoria Garofolo and Michell Bowers.

Shes a runner she a track star. (Michelle Bowers)

Junior Catherine Bowers has a reputation–a reputation for excellence.  Her passion for soccer has grown into a multi-club experience, and she balances academics with seemingly little difficulty.

Bowers started playing soccer when she was just 10 years old on the LOUYAA Alliance soccer club.

“I started playing soccer in fifth grade,” Bowers said. “I have been playing for about six years now.”

She first got into playing soccer because some of her close friends started to play soccer, asking her to join and try out alongside them. When she tried it out, she was hooked!

“A friend of hers mentioned that they were short players and asked her if she would consider coming out to play…….We discussed this and she said she wanted to try it out. I was not sure if she would actually like the sport but it has turned into a true passion of hers,” her mother Michelle Bowers said.

Video from Michelle Bowers, showing the highlights of Catherine during her 11-11-2020 soccer ID camp.

Bowers went into the sport not really knowing anything about the game. After years of playing, she has become one of the top players on almost all her teams. Exploring and experimenting on her favorite position, Bowers learned to love playing as a forward and center midfield. Over the years she has played many positions, but plays best as an attacking player for her team.

She has been on many teams and clubs over the years, including FC Frederick, Mid-city Lady Lions futbol club, Linganore High School, LOUYAA Alliance Soccer Club, and  CCL United. She hopes to continue her sport in college.

The Mid-City Lady Lions has brought many experiences and opportunities, ranging from traveling across the nation to meeting new people, both new friends and contacts.

“I’ve been to Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona while on Mid-City Lady Lions, which was a super fun experience,” Bowers said. 

The Mid-City Lady Lions are the women’s department of the Mid-City Lions. This club operates on an invitational basis only. The website information describes the mission of the club to be focused player development, mentoring, and a networking system, where these players can gain worldwide access to teams and to other opportunities. Players from around the country are given the opportunity to play in the top college showcases and tournaments both domestically and internationally.

Most recently, Bowers played in a soccer tournament in Florida. She traveled to IMG Academy in Bradenton FL, for the IMG Cup College Showcase. This event invited boys and girls teams around the world, the Showcase offers unmatched competition, tournament organization, and exposure to top college coaches from some of the top of programs in the nation, adding to Bowers portfolio in her soccer career.

Many coaches Bowers has played for have so many good things to say about her soccer capabilities. Many of the coaches were even able to see Bowers grown and adapt to play soccer when she first started or when the level at which she was playing rose to the next.

Catherine Bowers avidly working on school work, even at a friend’s house.

Of course soccer can be time consuming and being on as many teams as she is and having other responsibilities, Bowers is very busy. 

“Sometimes her schedule is somewhat hard to manage due to the demands of her local club team, high school team, workout schedule, her job as a tutor, as well as guest playing for a national travel team while also juggling the schedules of her two younger siblings,” Mrs. Bowers said. 

Maintaining her grades is very important to her and sometimes she even has some homework to do at a friend’s house. 

“I manage everything by creating a schedule and having good time management skills,” Bowers said. 

Friend Abbey Sovero said, “Catherine is really good at managing her time. She balances school, soccer, and her social life very well and I admire how dedicated she is.”

“I have missed many events with friends and family such as birthdays and get-together’s,” Bowers said. “The most important thing I learned while playing soccer over the years is that there are going to be obstacles, but you can overcome them if you put in the work.”

What’s a normal day like for Bowers?

“I have school in the morning and then I go to work. Then I go to practice and afterwards I finish my homework. If I finish my homework early, I ask if my friends can hangout,” Bowers said. 

Bowers’ mom is her biggest motivator as she has helped her through all the good and bad times. She never once stopped believing in her and her abilities. She also is lucky and proud to have the available tools to allow for her daughter to have such amazing opportunities.

She shoots. She SCORES!! Action shot right before Catherine scores a goal during a soccer ID camp.

“Catherine  is a positive role model for her younger sisters,” Mrs. Bowers said. “I am very proud that she has maintained her straight A grade point average throughout high school while also playing different sports (primarily soccer) and working. She is very structured and likes to get the work done.”

Bowers has even traveled overseas for soccer. 

“I played in Denmark with the top players in my league. Another achievement is playing teams from all over the country,” Bowers said.

She was chosen as a guest on the CCL United team, where she was invited to play in Vildbjerg, Denmark. The CCL United program that provides top-level CCL and CCL New England players a one-of-a-kind youth professional soccer immersion experience versus some of the World’s very best youth academy teams.

“Going to Denmark was so fun! I got to meet a lot of new people. Before we went to Denmark I practiced with the team to get to know them better. And during the trip we stayed with each other. It was an amazing experience I’ll never forget,” Bowers said. “Having a positive attitude and a good environment makes a soccer team closer, which makes them more connected on the field.”

Her mom is especially proud of the hard work and dedication she has put into her passion. 

Catherine Bowers dribbles the ball towards the goal. (Victoria Garofolo)

“I believe the positive support of her family and coaches has helped instill confidence in herself that she could face any challenge,” Mrs. Bowers said.

“Catherine has always been open-minded and energetic. It is wonderful to see her passion for the game and  to see her focus and her willpower to overcome the most difficult challenges in life,” Mrs. Bowers said.