A success both on the field and in the classroom for girls soccer: Photo of the Day 10/04/19


courtesy of Tom Ferguson

The girls pose with their teacher after giving them flowers and gift bags.

by Sammie Hoefs, Managing Editor

On October 3, the girls varsity soccer team held their third annual Teacher Appreciation Night during their game against Frederick. During halftime, the teachers came on to the field as the girls recognize all they have done for them in the classroom. 

The girls are to chose a teacher to recognize as a way to say thank you. Teachers are a guide to help students achieve their very best. As student-athletes, the girls would not be able to do what they do without the help of their teachers. Teachers work behind the scenes for the success of these student-athletes. 

The girls had gift bags made for the teachers. They were filled with trinkets like pens, pencils, sticky notes, tissues and coupons. The girls added additional items specialized for the teacher. Some girls filled them with items related to the subject they teach, their favorite snacks, drinks, and even pictures of them together.

“I love teacher appreciation night, I feel like it is a fun way to have the teachers who help you in the classroom come out and see what you put so much time and effort into outside of school,” said Bailey Bennett.

Teacher Appreciation Night is a great way to build a crowd during the game. After the 2-0 win against Frederick, the girls and their teachers celebrated with cake.

Local busniesses donated gift cards to be given out to the teachers as a way to say thank you. The Original Playhouse Children’s Museum, Mt. Airy Inn, The Derby, Dominos and Morgan’s Grill all donated gift cards.

The following student-athletes recognized the following teachers: 

Josie Beezel                         Tony Freeman

Bailey Bennett                    Anna Gurnett

Brooke Bennett                  Jeb Beaver

Allison Byrnes                    Rachel Easterday

Anna Choudary                  Michelle Richardson

Karlee Duda                        Kate Lane

Taylor Ferguson                 Nancy Doll

Allison Gagne                     Bill Eckard 

Allysa Grunwald                Leslie Williamson

Madyson Hill                      Tom Hawthorne

Mandy Hill                          Cameroon Stewart

Samantha Hoefs                 Roger Rich

Rebecca Marakovitz           Anthony Digman

Alexis Mills                          Clint Bear

Meghan Mong-Kerwin        Jeremy Brown

Erika Moore                         Beth Lindstrom

Erin Patterson                      Jason Shipley 

Elizabeth Rajnik                 Michelle Baughman 

Nora Salter                          Darren Hornbeck

Juliana Zeller                      Chris 0’Conner