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Green with envy: Why isn't LHS a Green School?

Green with envy: Why isn’t LHS a Green School?

by Brayden Gregory, Interim Editor-in-Chief June 14, 2021

When rival school, Oakdale High School was named a Green School, in May 2021, I started thinking. Why aren't more schools in FCPS working to become Green School certified? Change is being put in too...

Senior, Gio Fuentes takes advantage of the newly installed water bottle stations.

Students quench thirst with newly installed bottle filling stations

One small step for the environment, one giant leap for mankind
by Brayden Gregory, Jason Byrd, and Gio Fuentes June 3, 2021

Traditional water fountains can be found in many places. From museums to schools, water fountains have been around since Mesopotamia. A once amazing tool for people, water fountains have now become...

Collage of Catherine Bowers playing soccer on her various teams. An assortment of photos taken by Victoria Garofolo and Michell Bowers.

Lancer Spotlight: Bowers juggles several soccer teams and academics

by Brayden Gregory and Marissa DePalma March 26, 2021

Junior Catherine Bowers has a reputation--a reputation for excellence.  Her passion for soccer has grown into a multi-club experience, and she balances academics with seemingly little difficulty. Bowers...

Collage of my favorite parts throughout the show.

Wandavision: A Marvel(ous) spin on classic American sitcoms

by Brayden Gregory and Dalton Markel March 25, 2021

The MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has been known for its blockbuster movies, starting with the first movie, Iron Man, released in 2008. Iron Man served as the start to Phase 1 of the Marvel storyline.  Now...

Alexis Simmerman has a number of stress toys and objects, including a pair of earmuffs, a ball of magnetic studs, two rubix cubes (one pyramid shaped) a necklace, a goo toy, a fuzzy ball, and a broken watch.

#spreadtheword “Inclusion” not so effective for this atypical student

by Alexis Simmerman, Reporter March 22, 2021

FCPS has been highlighting inclusion, culminating recently in #speadtheword Inclusion awareness day on March 3. This includes a pledge to show that we as a school are inclusive and united. Specifically,...

How many students are doing something else during the required Google Meets?

Triumph or struggle: COVID sometimes crushes the student work ethic

Will students be prepared to return to school or has COVID left an irreversible effect on their work ethic?
by Brayden Gregory, Reporter March 5, 2021

From kindergarten to college, students of all levels have been faced with their biggest challenges. virtual learning.  With the positivity rate going down across the U.S., students are returning to...

The year of waiting...

The terrible weight of waiting: Will this hybrid plan fix anything?

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor January 26, 2021

The coronavirus first broke out in March of 2020. Now, it’s almost a year later in 2021 and cases are skyrocketing. Even with a vaccine approaching, thousands of people test positive every single day.  And...

Desks at NMMS spread 6 feet apart to keep students socially distanced.

Taking a look back: Hybrid learning at New Market Middle School this past fall

by Abbey Sovero, Reporter January 23, 2021

In Fall 2020, New Market Middle, like other schools in the county, hosted a small group of students who needed more in-person learning.  Although hybrid learning/small groups were fairly successful...

Caroline Hobson and Madeline Hull posing for a picture while wearing face-masks back in March 2020.

High school students talk about their understanding of Covid-19

by Madeline Hull and Caroline Hobson January 15, 2021

There’s a tendency for people to think, "It doesn't cause severe disease so why should I be concerned?" "It's not going to put me in the hospital." "It’s not going to kill me." That's probably true...

5 year old Emily McNally plays in the snow on her day off.

New protocol for snow days leaves me to watch my childhood flurry away

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor December 18, 2020

I remember the excitement of waking up to see schools are closed because of the snow. And I remember trying to add luck to canceling school the night before.  December Forecast: Chance of snow, ice...

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