Lancer Spotlight 5/24/23: Seniors congratulated in the annual Senior Salute



Seniors file in the auditorium for the start of the Senior Salute ceremony.

by Leila Gibril, Editor

On May 21, The 2023 senior class was awarded for their accomplishments at the annual Senior Salute. 

The event began with Senior class president Hannah Morin giving a speech as she congratulated her fellow seniors.

Many different awards were given, starting with the academics in CTE, mathematics, English, science, arts, social studies and world languages. Awards for CTE were presented to Emily Ausherman, Leaf Kulgren, Athena Codd, Adriana Fountain, Abigail Hall, Natalie Richard and Chase Witmer.

“I felt the awards given were a great reflection of our four years that I attended at Linganore,” senior Danyael Schemer, one of the senior attendees of the event, said.

The featured speaker chosen by the senior class was English teacher Patricia Kolias. Kolias not only gave a speech but also shared a dance number dedicated to her graduating son. Joe Hawkins, social studies teacher, joined her as they gave the senior class a show.

Some scholarships given out to seniors in attendance were the Army ROTC Scholarship, Fordlee Scholarship, Jason Stansbury Scholarship and the Thousand Band Booster Scholarship.

The senior Class President Hannah Morin received the Daughters of the American Revolution award.

Scholarship recipients were Molly Granger, Jackson Curtis, Colby Dave, Jeffery Joyle, Jeremy Larick, Camryn McKay, Isabella Manning, Ashlyn Martin, Matthew Meckel, Emily Moore, Joshua Player and Sarah Webb.

The Seal of Biliteracy recognition was given to Delaney Andrews, Jonathan Argueta, Keira Burger, Emely Paredes, Dimitri  Raus-Gernet, Kyle Walker and Mia Yim.

Honors societies including, national English honors society, Spanish honor society, math honor society and Rho Cappa gave awards to their members.

Students were also recognized for their future service in the Military.

Finally, senior Alexa Waser, a 2023 editor-in-chief for Lancer Media, was given the Journalism Award.

Congratulations class of 2023!


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