Senior night brings tears and smiles to the girls soccer team


courtesy of Victoria Garofolo.

The six seniors pose for a picture after their speeches right before the game.

Senior Night overwhelms players and their families with both joy and tears. On October 10, the girls soccer team held senior night during the game against South Hagerstown.

They celebrated Allison Gagne (captain), Juliana Zeller (captain), Taylor Ferguson (captain), Brooke Bennett, Meghan Mong-Kerwin and Nora Salter. 

Before the game they honored the seniors by having them walk out with their family surrounded by the JV and varsity soccer team. As the seniors walked out to the speech they wrote there were laughs, tears and smiles. In their speeches they talked about their plans for the future, their favorite memory while being a part of the program and their final words to the team and their senior class.

As they walked out onto the field, each paused for a picture, and two current varsity players would walked out to greet them. After sharing private words and a hug, they handed them gifts and flowers. 

courtesy of Victoria Garofolo.
Juliana Zeller stops to receive her gifts from Sammie Hoefs and Anna Choudhary.

Getting into the spirit of senior night, the girls created “spirit buckets.” They drew names and decorated 5-gallon buckets for the name they got. They filled the buckets with anything their player might enjoy like, food, candy, sweatpants and blankets. This is always a fun way to bring the girls closer and ready for the game.

The team also decorated the seniors cars with window paint. They wrote inside jokes, nicknames, and anything to hype up the seniors. 

The Lancers came out with a 9-0 win over South Hagerstown. The night was a success, as every senior was able to contribute in the game. These are the nine scoring pairs: 

Taylor Ferguson to Brooke Bennett

Taylor Ferguson to Meghan Mong-Kerwin

Allison Byrnes to Madyson Hill

Erika Moore to Elizabeth Rajnik

Karlee Duda to Mandy Hill

Juliana Zeller to Taylor Ferguson

Taylor Ferguson to Allison Gagne

Sammie Hoefs to Brooke Bennett

Nora Salter to Juliana Zeller 

“Senior Night brought great success to our team and overall brought the team closer together. Celebrating senior night brought excitement to our team which gave us more intensity in our play, allowing us to capitalize offensively at the beginning of the first half. As a senior it was a very special night and was great to be included in. The best part was watching everybody be successful and ultimately have a fun time playing with my best friends,” said senior, captain, Juliana Zeller.

After the Lancer win, the celebration continued with cake. The season is not over yet and the girls do not want it to end. The girls are back in action on Tuesday, October 15 at Walkersville and Thursday, October 17 at home vs. Oakdale. JV is at 5:30 and varsity is at 7:00.