What to expect at homecoming


courtesy of Bridget Murphy

Members of the class of 2018 pose before the homecoming dance.

Homecoming is one of the most nerve wracking events to freshmen because it is the first major social event of high school. What to wear? Do I have a date? What will the upperclassmen think of me?

Homecoming is one of the best parts of high school. It’s a week of festivities. It’s easy to get involved.

The parade

The parade is in New Market. It always occurs the week before the dance on Saturday morning. All teams are involved, and it is a great way for freshmen to get involved–they always need students to ride on the float.  Being a spectator is fun, too.

Painting the hill

Another way to volunteer is to help paint the hill. Students of all ages go out to the hill outside of Linganore High School and use spray paint to decorate the hill based on the homecoming theme. Again, freshmen can spray paint–plenty of students are needed.

Spirit week

The week before homecoming is all dedicated to school spirit. Every day has a theme such as, pajama day, throwback day, etc and most importantly red black and bow day. Red, black and bow day is Linganore’s day to show schools spirit with the school’s colors.

Spirit week ends with a pep rally. The pep rally is to show spirit for the homecoming dance the following day. At the pep rally games with the homecoming court are played as a way to introduce who won positions in the court. There is also a cheer and poms performance, and marching band.

The main thing to know is it is cool to participate in spirit week, and everyone does it.

Homecoming football game

At the Homecoming football game during halftime the homecoming court is crowned. There is always the homecoming king and queen, and princes and princesses of the seniors, but all grades are included and a prince and princess will be elected for each grade level. You can elect who you want with a given list of names on the ballet.

What to expect

Homecoming is always most exciting for freshmen and sophomores.

There is no need to worry about what upperclassmen may think of you. It may come as a surprise but juniors and seniors were new once, too and won’t be judgmental. Everyone is there to have a good time.

For the girls, expensive dresses are not necessary. Homecoming is a semi formal, and a super expensive dress is definitely not necessary to impress. Try looking on websites that sell fancy dresses for a much more reasonable price. Some great websites are Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe, or you could even try thrifting. You’ll look great no matter what.

As for dates, don’t worry if no one “asks” you to Homecoming. Homecoming is not only for cute romantic pictures. It is all about the friends you go with. This dance is the type of dance you want all you friends around for. So, those of you with dates make sure you have a group of friends around around to make the night even better.

You may expect your first homecoming to be like the ones in movies, with slow dancing, romantic lighting, and beautiful decorations. But, it really isn’t. You should expect fun dancing music, big groups of friends having a good time, and the decorating is up to you and your classmates. There is nothing to fear about homecoming, it is meant to be a night of fun for everyone.

I highly recommend every freshman girl and boy go to homecoming, even if it’s not your style. Homecoming is all about having a great time, meeting new people and making one of your first high school memories. Many seniors look back and wish they had been more involved in as a freshman. Remember, don’t worry, dress in whatever makes you comfortable and get involved!