How to manage your time in high school


Bailey Spore

Use an agenda to keep track of homework.

Time management is an important skill to have during everyone’s high school career. Without it it’s impossible to keep up with due dates and students can lose easy organization skills.  

Make time for Homework: Each night homework should be a priority, students should schedule their night in order to complete their homework with enough time to eat dinner, have free time, get ready for bed, and have rest to be ready for the next day.

Use Prep: In case students don’t have enough time in their night to finish their homework or want to get a head start on the work that’s due ahead of them, students should use prep as a work time and not a social hour.

Study throughout the week: It is always a good idea to study periodically throughout the week or at least a couple days before so all the information is soaked in in preparation for the test.

Agenda or Planner: In order to manage time efficiently it might be wise to write it down in a planner or in a scheduling app on your phone. This will help students be more organized and on time with their school work.

Homecoming and Prom tickets: In past years Linganore has sold out or ran low on tickets so its best to know the SGA or other dance committees usually sell tickets the week before the dance and students should not buy tickets last minute.