Who is Mr. Brown?


Phoebe Kolesar

Mr. Brown sells prom tickets to seniors Olivia Goldstein and Izzy Peterson during third lunch.

Why you might need to talk to Mr. Brown.  He is the SGA Advisor and a Work Study Coordinator.

  • Blood drives – These are held twice a year. Students who are 16 and older are eligible to give blood.
  • Award ceremony in June.
  • He is an assistant band director.  
  • Prom tickets sales – don’t wait until Friday!
  • Homecoming tickets – He has a table in the cafeteria!
  • Pep rallies
  • SGA meetings and elections
  • Senior Class adviser–all things graduation are his responsibility..
  • Student Service Learning.
  • Club day organization

He may seem gruff, but he is actually very kind.

Brown has a huge role in keeping LHS running He is very important to our school. He may seem gruff at first, but once you talk to Brown, he’s actually very nice and helpful.

Before Mr. Brown taught at Linganore he was a teacher at New Market Middle School, so he knows this community–he is a genius at remembering names, and he can ask questions about a job your older brother has or a cousin who moved to Alaska.

Mr. Brown has many roles. For instance, he is in charge of student transitioning into high school, so if you have any questions you go to him. He is the assistant band director, the SGA advisor, the senior class advisor. He organizes internships and the junior interviews. He is in charge of prom and homecoming tickets, so if you’re attending a dance, you go to him. He also plans and hosts the pep rallies, award ceremonies, and so much more.

Perhaps the first time you meet Brown, he will be running the club fair. This is the time in early September when students sign up for clubs.  He also hands out cookies and coupons that students get for being on the honor roll.

Mr. Brown is the advisor of SGA. SGA, or Student Government Association is an organization at Linganore and across the world. This club gives students a voice for Linganore. Mr. Brown organizes the club meeting and elections. To sign up for SGA, fill out the sign up slip given during PREP or lunch. You can also sign up through the Linganore SGA website

Key Club is an international organization meant to get students involved in community service. This encourages leadership through serving others. There are also awards given out to students for their community service, thanks to Mr. Brown, who organizes the ceremonies.

Mr. Brown went to James Madison University where he was the drum major of their marching band. The LHS Band practices during school hours and also does performances. Mr. Brown is the assistant director for band. He helps schedule and plan practices and does all of the tickets and reservations for major trips to New York or Disney.

As senior class advisor,  Brown works with Paula Larson and Allison Partner to assemble gradation. He is in charge of planning and meeting with seniors throughout the year.

Student Service Learning/ SSL is a program for juniors and seniors. This allows students to assist and learn from the teachers of a certain class. They help out the teacher and get experience in teaching. Mr. Brown is essentially the teacher for the student service learners. He assigns them to a class and is responsible for what teacher they get. He also grades the students’ work which is done on Blackboard.

School dances might be some of the best parts of high school and purchasing a ticket in time can be stressful. Mr. Brown is the one to solve all your problems. Every year he holds a both during lunch hours and reminds everyone to remember to stop by and buy a ticket. Homecoming tickets usually cost $22 per person during lunch shifts. If you are not able to purchase a homecoming/prom ticket during the lunch shifts you can stop by Mr. Browns, office and talk to him about purchasing a ticket.

Junior Interview’s help prepare students for future job opportunities. Every year businesses stop by the school to practice interview the junior class who currently take English 11. With Mrs. Jennifer Radil-Harris, Brown organizes the interviews for students. Juniors create resumes and a cover letters in advance. They also dress in business attire. This takes place during the school day.

Red Cross blood drives are held twice a year. Students who are 16 and older are eligible to give blood. If you are under 18, to give blood you are given a form to sign and get signed by the parents saying you are able to give blood. The Blood Drive takes place in the auxiliary gym from 7:30am – 1:00 pm. The blood drive is for both staff and students. After they have given blood they do have water juice and snacks available.

Mr. Brown is in charge of organizing, preparing, and setting up the pep rallies in the gym. Pep rallies are meant to excite students, show school spirit and support the sports teams/ extra curricular activities. Brown is the Master of Ceremonies at this and at Mr. Linganore.  

Brown attended JMU and was as a drum major for their marching band. Mr. Brown tries to spread the word about JMU to students here at LHS to open up to a variety of different colleges.

Mr. Brown’s role at Linganore is very important. Not many students actually realize that without Mr. Brown, students and staff would be lost.

There are so many memory-making events to look forward to, like homecoming, football games, making new friends, pep rallies, clubs, prom, and so much more. So just work hard, pay attention in class and have fun! These four years will be so much more enjoyable and easier if you just relax and actually take the time to complete your work.