PREP: What is it and how does it work?


Bailey Spore

Junior Nick Hayslett works in PREP to finish his homework on time.

PREP is a 40 minute time for students to work on homework, get tutoring from teachers or other students, and to finish missing work and go to club meetings.

“I like PREP because it gives me time to start my homework early, and I have less to do at home. If I need to talk to teachers or need help with something, it is easier to ask in PREP than interrupting class time,” said Class of 2020 member Vivien Hagy.

Every day after second period, students go to their assigned PREP class. This is similar to homeroom in middle school, but instead of only going to homeroom once a week, Lancers will go every day.

In middle school, students go to a different class during E.L.T (Extended Learning Time) every day, but in high school, for four years, you will go to the same teacher every day.

Students ask a teacher to sign them up for PREP. Teachers have a request log to request students to come to their class during PREP. Students need to ask to be signed up by 7:30 AM of the day they want to see the teacher. Teachers are not responsible for signing you up for PREP if you don’t ask or don’t ask on time, so make sure that you talk to them.

From your assigned PREP class, teachers will check their electronic list and send students to their requested locations. Those who were not signed up by any teachers will stay in their original PREP class and work quietly. There are no cell phones during PREP.

To ensure that students will eventually go to all teachers they were signed up for, we use priority days. If you are signed up for more than one teacher, you will go to the teacher who has priority.

Monday – 1st Block

Tuesday – 2nd Block

Wednesday – 3rd Block

Thursday – 4th Block

Friday – Clubs

Most clubs at Linganore also meet during PREP. Every Friday is a Club Day, where the club advisors will also request students to come to their club meeting. Clubs follow an A, B, and C day rotation so that students are able to attend all the clubs they are signed up for. Usually, though, very involved students can have more than three clubs. Some of the students who are in honor societies will meet on other days.  

Another option during PREP is to get formal tutoring. Usually during this time, honor society students from different subjects are available to help. The support room has the same sign-up procedure as for any other teacher. Don’t wait too long if you are not doing well in a class.

PREP is meant for extra work time, and not a time to socialize. If you use your time wisely, you will have better control over your homework and time management.