Senior Countdown 2019: Pom and Dance seniors celebrate 8 more days


Leah Bolger

Pom and Dance seniors, Cici Emerson, Cailey Weber, Kaley Henyon, Grace Winpigler, Haley Stone, and Emily Schumate, show their love for Poms.

by Leah Bolger, Reporter

There are only 8 days left for seniors from the Pom and Dance Team. There were six seniors on the Pom team throughout football and competition seasons: Captain Cici Emerson, co-captains Cailey Weber and Kaley Henyon, Grace Winpigler, Haley Stone, and Emily Schumate.

Each senior brought a unique talent to every performance and the whole team is going to miss their presence next year.

Captain Cici Emerson has lead the team through a great year and is excited to continue her education at James Madison University next year.

“Poms has been such an important part of my high school years and I will miss it so much next year. I have created so many meaningful friendships over the past years and Poms will always hold a special place in my heart,” said Emerson.

Grace Winpigler, first year Pom dancer, said, “I’ll be attending Hood college next year and I was so blessed to have the opportunity to be accepted onto the Poms team my senior year.”

“Next year, I’m going to Mercyhurst University. These last three seasons have been so much fun and I made so many memories that I’ll never forget,” exclaimed co-captain Kaley Henyon.

Haley Stone, remembering her two years on the team, said, “I will be attending High Point University and I will always cherish the memories and unbreakable bond I shared with my poms team. LET’S GO LADIES!”

“I’ll be attending Towson University in the fall. Poms has been one of best experiences of my life even with all its ups and downs. I will forever remember all the friendships and memories that I’ve created throughout the years,” commented Emily Schumate.

It is clear to all those around them, that each senior completed the team and brought a unique talent to performances and the whole team will miss their presence next year.