Senior Countdown 2019: Band seniors make music for 9 more days


Emily Watson

Band seniors enjoy their last 9 days at Linganore.

With the last performances of concert season complete, band seniors are counting down 9 more days until the end of their senior year.

Throughout their four years of high school, these seniors participated in trips to Disney and New York City, along with competitions and football games. Second semester students participated in symphonic band, symphony orchestra, jazz band, and percussion ensemble. Much of high school is intermixed with band memories.

“Going to Disney was a lot of fun because we had more independence, and the experience we had marching was really cool,” said clarinetist Sarah Buckley.

Buckley to attend Hood College to study business administration and global studies. Going into college, she is most nervous about handling her classes and her extracurriculars.

“My favorite thing is each year meeting the new people in your section and getting to know them. I also like our spirit bags and trips for every year,” said flutist Rachel Miller.

Miller is set to go to Frederick Community College for the next two years. She is going to miss her friends and daily schedule the most.

“I’m definitely going to miss band. That’s just been something that I’ve done for a while. That’s a huge part of me. Also, the overall school spirit of Linganore,” said drum member and trumpet player Alexander Ismael.

Ismael is going to Virginia Tech to study engineering. He expects the workload in college to be his most daunting task. One of Ismael’s favorite memories of band was when the group won a statewide marching competition his junior year.

The seniors, along with the rest of the band are celebrating their accomplishments at the Band Banquet on Friday, May 10th.

There are 24 senior members: Kaela Befano, Erin Blache, Riley Bruce, Sarah Buckley, Jack Christy, Presley Dougherty, Justin Gamble, Avalon Gravley, Alexander Ismael, Nicholas Kahler, Erika Katsumoto, Max Loggins, Benjamin Melluso, Rachel Miller, Silas Nickerson, Alexander Norko, Jane Quackenbush, Corwin Raabe, Michael Selzer, Emily Seth, Adam Seymour, Elizabeth Wallace, Megan Warren, and Annie Watsic.