Senior Countdown 2019: Seniors on the boys track team run through their final 7 days


Bailey Spore

A few of the seniors on the boys track team pose in lane 7 for 7 days left of school.

Seniors have just 7 days left. While most seniors are spending their last few days eagerly awaiting summer, the boys track team is preparing for the regional and state championships. Tomorrow is the first day of the 3A West Regional Championship, followed by the 3A State Championship next weekend.

The seniors on the team all have many accomplishments throughout their careers, including two indoor state championships. This year the seniors look to bring home their third state championship in their track career, and their first outdoor championship.

Perhaps the biggest part of the team is senior Michael Belmaggio. Belmaggio has stacked up many accolades during his four years in high school, including (2/3) individual state championships in Cross Country, one team Cross Country state championship, two indoor track team state championships, and the fastest 3200 meter time in the state.

Belmaggio is going to college at UMBC, a highly regarded school for Track and Field and Cross Country. He isn’t the only senior on the team who will be attending the school. He’ll be accompanied by Hope Baguio and Bryce Witmer. Baguio is a top thrower on the team, and Witmer is one of, if not the best, hurdler.

“I think it’s cool that there will be people I know at school with me. I’m not sure if they’ll continue doing track in college,” said Belmaggio. Belmaggio looks to continue his Cross Country career in college, with his skill level it shouldn’t be a problem.

All of the seniors are looking forward to graduating and starting college, good luck to the seniors in their final meets, bring home one last championship!