Senior Countdown 2019: Lancer Media’s seniors look forward to summer with only two more school days


Keifer Spore

Seniors Matthew Gelhard and Jacob Bolger were the senior editors this semester.

The seniors have only two days left. While waiting for summer the seniors at The Lance are working harder than ever to finish off the year.

Matthew Gelhard is a managing editor for Lancer Media. Gelhard usually spends his time creating graphics on photoshop. The Mr. Linganore 2019 story Graphics were all done by Gelhard, along with many others.

“Journalism has taught me how to work well with others as well as great communication skills. This was an interesting class because it allowed me to learn about the people in my community as well as the people in my school. I would also like to say thank you to Mrs. Rebetsky for being such a great role model and mentor to look up to,” said Gelhard.

Jacob Bolger is an Editor-in-Chief for Lancer Media. Bolger has spent the semester changing and updating Features such as the poll and local weather are updated weekly by Bolger. 

“Journalism has been an awesome experience for me throughout high school. It has taught me a lot about leadership and helped me develop great writing skills,” said Bolger. Joining journalism in the 2016-17 school year Bolger has written all types of stories from sports to music.

Thank you to Jacob Bolger and Matt Gelhard for always having their best interest in the Lance. Bolger will be attending college at Mount Saint Mary’s and Gelhard will be attending a four year school. With both of their hard work the Lance was able to be as successful as it is today. We will all miss you very much, best of luck in college and beyond, you’re going to do big things.