High school myth buster


Bailey Spore

Your binders and folders won’t look like this if you organize them.

Myth Buster

Myth #1: You will have a hard time make new friends especially on the first day and not have anyone to sit next to.

Busted: There are many activities to get involved in before school starts. Just remember that people are going through the same thing.

Myth #2: Teachers will give you hours of homework to complete overnight, and they don’t care about your success.

Busted: Teachers want to help you and promote you to be your best. You do have big project occasionally but normally they aren’t due the next day.

Myth #3: You will be either be late to your classes or you won’t be able to find your class..

Busted: You are given 5 minutes to get to class so you will have enough time to  use the bathroom, get water, or talk to friends. If you do not frequently abuse the privilege, most teachers give you few seconds after the bell before the classroom door is closed.

Myth #4: Upperclassmen will target you and be mean.

Busted: Upperclassmen are very nice and will usually help with classwork if you ask. The seniors are very chill and try not bother you because they have to many other things to worry about. Ask for help!

Myth #6: Football games are hectic, and you won’t have a good time.

Busted: The stands are packed with friends and family. The halftime shows with cheerleaders, poms, and the marching band are the best. The game is a great way to end the week. Even if you don’t like football, don’t miss the games. We are all part of the the tribe.