Students prepare for Journalism service project, Ryan’s Case for Smiles: Photo of the Day 5/14/19


Leah Bolger

Elizabeth Rajnik and Sierra Rossman prepare the fabric for pillowcase assembly.

by Leah Bolger, Reporter

On May 13, students participating in the Ryan’s Case for Smiles service project began their effort into completing the assembly of the pillowcases. Journalism members have been working together for months to collect donations for fabric and reached their goal of 20 pillowcases.  Lauren Miller, Mrs. Rebetsky’s SSL, has beem planning and participating, too.

At this point in the organization, we have funded enough donations to surpass the previous goal.

Elizabeth Rajnik said, “Coming into this experience, I had never gone fabric shopping and was honestly pretty clueless, but once I got the hang of it, I had a ton of fun picking out the fabric combinations. It’s such a great feeling to know that the time and effort you put into a project like this will really end up making a child’s day, or even putting a smile on the face of a girl or boy my age.”

Sierra Rossman has experience with the charity and asked the class to participate this year.

“I started working with Ryan’s Case for Smiles several years ago with my 4-H club. My sister, mom, and I brought the idea up because several member in my club like to sew, and it was a huge success. It feels so rewarding to have all the pillowcases together, finally donate them, and imagine the smiles on the kids faces. My favorite part about working with my classmates on this project has been seeing how enthusiastic everyone is about helping and learning to sew. Since I’ve been sewing since I was five, it’s exciting to get to share the art with my friends,” said Sierra Rossman.

On May 21, journalism students will be sewing, washing, and assembling the pillowcases. Miller has prepared some of the material.  There will be several guest adults heping with the activity.

These pillowcases are then going to be donated to the organization and given to the sick children in hospitals around here.