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Sewtherapy: PREP offers opportunity for students to learn to sew for charity

Sierra Rossman and Peyton Johnson prepare new sewing machines for the sew therapy PREP class.

by Elizabeth Rajnik, Editor

September 15, 2019

On September 12, Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky, Sierra Rossman and Peyton Johnson prepared sewing machines for a new PREP opportunity coming this fall, Sewtherapy. Assistant Principal, Mr. McWilliams, arranged for Rebetsky to use sewing machines that were in storage. Rebetsky was inspired to create the ...

Lancer Media “stitches” the community together through Ryan’s Case for Smiles project

Howard County 4-H Program Adviser Chris Rein teaches Lancer Media members Madeline Williamson and Julie Walker how to sew a pillowcase.

by Sierra Rossman, Reporter

June 14, 2019

Imagine a world with nothing but needles, loud machines, and beeping for days on end with a medical routine that would drive any person stir-crazy. This is the reality for many children and teens who suffer from serious illnesses. It is hard to stay positive in the face of pain. According to Ryan’s Ca...

Students prepare for Journalism service project, Ryan’s Case for Smiles: Photo of the Day 5/14/19

Elizabeth Rajnik and Sierra Rossman prepare the fabric for pillowcase assembly.

by Leah Bolger, Reporter

May 14, 2019

On May 13, students participating in the Ryan’s Case for Smiles service project began their effort into completing the assembly of the pillowcases. Journalism members have been working together for months to collect donations for fabric and reached their goal of 20 pillowcases.  Lauren Miller, Mrs. ...

Lancer Media promotes service project with “Ryan’s Case for Smiles:” Photo of the Day 3/24/19

Bailey Bennett tapes flier promoting need for donations.

by Elizabeth Rajnik

March 24, 2019

On March 21, students in Mrs. Natalie Rebestky’s third period journalism class distributed fliers promoting their need for donations in order to sew pillowcases for “Ryan’s Case for Smiles.” Lancer Media is joining SSL Lauren Miller's project. “Ryan’s Cases for Smiles” is a non-profit organizat...

Home arts: Sewing stitches generations together–sister, mother, and grandmother

A few exmples of some of the outfits Sierra has made in the past.

by Sierra Rossman, Guest Reporter

December 9, 2018

Art comes in many different forms. One of those forms that is quickly declining in popularity is sewing. What little we have left of the art is partially contained in stories. My grandmother tells stories of how she would hand-sew full-size quilts with her mother, neighbors, and girls from their town...

The Lance sews pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles

Journalism students are excited about their accomplishments.

by Sydney Rossman, Managing Editor

March 16, 2017

A pillowcase is the last thing you feel when you fall asleep.  For children with cancer, alone in a hospital room, the bed and pillows can be the stuff of nightmares.    On March 10, Lancer Media decided to sew 100% cotton pillowcases to be donated to children who need a comfortable place to lay th...

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