LHS vs TJ Girls Soccer: Your best defence is offence: Photo of the Day 9/28/19


Joshua Barnes

Girls soccer won against TJ.

by Joshua Barnes, Reporter

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On September 26, in overtime, LHS defeated TJ women’s soccer, 2-1.

Coach Paige Pohopin, who took over the program this fall,  said that the girls needed to work as a team and shut down TJ’s central mid.

Team captain Taylor Ferguson said, “Whenever we play against TJ, it is a good match.” And she was right.

In the first half, the girls were on the offensive, not letting up the pressure.  TJ pulled it together and pushed back on the offense, but not for long. LHS focused and made the first shot of the match. But that shot would end in failure.

Ten minutes into the match  LHS and TJ had each made one goal attempt.  They went into halftime 0-0.

At the beginning of the second half TJ took advantage of our poor defense formation. Even with support of most of the crowd, TJ claimed the first goal at 28:30 in the second half.

The Lancers seemed down and out, but TJ received a foul ball, giving Taylor Ferguson a chance to score and keep them in the match. She took that chance and scored in the top left corner of the goal.

The second half ended and went into overtime.

They started off knowing that one mistake could be their last. LHS worked together, broke through TJ mid leftern defense, as Mady Hill, player 21, scored the final point with 1:30 left on the clock, concluding the match.