Lake and Smithhisler prepare the directing chair: Photo of the Day 9/12/19


Thomas French

Senior Rowan Gallagher prepares to be interviewed by Angela Smithhisler and Dan Lake.

by Thomas French, Editor

The student director for the fall play, It’s a Wonderful Life, has the ability to see George Bailey’s dreams realized on stage.

On September 9, Jacob Blue, Thomas French, Katie Galetti, Rowan Gallagher, and Natalie Roth had appointments in Angela Smithhisler’s classroom to be interviewed for the roles of either student director or stage manager. Student director would help lead the actors while stage manager would direct the tech side.

Each interview lasted 15 minutes, and Smithhisler and Dan Lake asked each interviewee many questions about why they wanted the position and what they would add to the role. The decision was made later that night. Jacob Blue is the student director and Katie Galetti is the stage manager.

“This will be a new experience for me. I’ve acted before. I’ve written before, but I’ve never directed. I’m excited to start,” said Blue.

The auditions for the play are being held on September 12 in room D101 after school. Sign up today outside the D-wing.