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One Tribe: Lancer seniors stay positive through COVID-19

Grace and Alaina worry they will wear graduation robes only for photo shoots.

by Grace Gaydosh and Alaina Burger

April 3, 2020

For the seniors, this school year seemed to be a series of losses.  Linganore High School’s class of 2020 lost the spirit stick during the Homecoming Spirit Week. They lost their last football state championship game as well. Now, due to COVID-19, they might lose prom, graduation, and their last su...

Underwood and Royal take the stage

After a long performance, Underwood and W. Royal take their bows.

by Elizabeth Anderson, Mackenzie Berry, Emily Webb, and Jacob Blue

January 8, 2020

Two veteran actors have been cast in small but critical roles in the spring production of Newsies. Underwood and W. Royal, antique typewriters, have been featured in film and television for more than a century. After their retirement in the 1950’s, they are excited to return to the stage followi...

Actors feel like “Kings Of New York” at Newsies callbacks: Photo of the day 12/10/19

Senior David Kominars sings for his callback.

by Gabby North, Reporter

December 11, 2019

On December 9, callbacks were held for drama’s spring musical Newsies! The competition was fierce, with over 30 students called back for various lead roles, the largest callback it has been in years.  After completing a week of rigorous auditions, students were excited to further show off their t...

Lake’s English class performs 12 Angry Men: Photo of the Day 11/22/19

Juror 3 (Alex Kullgren) and Juror 4 (Haley Lewis) talk about the case.

by Grace Truedson, Reporter

November 22, 2019

On Monday, November 18, Mr. Dan Lake's fourth period English 9 class started their performance of the play 12 Angry Men. When Lake announced that the class was going to perform, everyone was thrilled to hear that they wouldn't have to read it silently. "It's super interesting and I'm super desperat...

Techies get to work on “It’s a Wonderful Life”: Photo of the Day 10/15/19

John VanDine, Kate Stagter, Emily Watson and Christina Sherwood begin moving a door frame

by Thomas French, Editor

October 15, 2019

"If you put your whole self into it, you will be so proud of what you make," said Daniel Lake, assistant director,  at the beginning of tech rehearsals. On October 11, more than 25 students met after school for tech rehearsals. After a pep talk from Katie Galetti, the stage manager, and Daniel Lake,...

Transition from Google Classroom to Schoology difficult for some

Twitter poll shows students not ready yet for Schoology.

by Delaney Cabe, Reporter

September 30, 2019

Throughout the last school year, teachers, students, and parents have been transitioning to Schoology from a primarily Google Classroom environment. Frederick County joins several Maryland school systems, including Baltimore County Public Schools, who have switched to Schoology . The transition has been...

LATE: Enforcement of tardy rules means increased lunch detention crowd

Tardy rules have not changed, but enforcement has.

by Sierra Rossman, Editor

September 30, 2019

It’s 7:29 a.m and you’re rushing towards the school doors, hoping that you’ll luck out and avoid the infamous “chronically tardy” title that could ruin a student’s reputation with just one mention. You’ve already received two warnings from the attendance office, and, with the strict ta...

College applications: We don’t know what we’re doing, do you?

Alaina Burger and Grace Gaydosh struggle to make sense of college applications.

by Alaina Burger and Grace Gaydosh

September 24, 2019

November 1:  The dreaded college application deadline.  Maybe you’re lucky, and the college you are applying to has a deadline of December 1. Seniors are feeling the pressure.  Procrastinating is easier. Just don’t even start the process. That’s where many seniors are today. The entir...

Lake and Smithhisler prepare the directing chair: Photo of the Day 9/12/19

Senior Rowan Gallagher prepares to be interviewed by Angela Smithhisler and Dan Lake.

by Thomas French, Editor

September 12, 2019

The student director for the fall play, It's a Wonderful Life, has the ability to see George Bailey's dreams realized on stage. On September 9, Jacob Blue, Thomas French, Katie Galetti, Rowan Gallagher, and Natalie Roth had appointments in Angela Smithhisler's classroom to be interviewed for the roles...

Norko and Lake take the summer stage in one-act plays

Daniel Lake and Cassidee Grunwald chat in the dressing room before the production of

by Thomas French, Reporter

July 20, 2019

The Watermelon One-Act Festival had some special contestants. Damon Norko, Daniel Lake, and members of the class of 2018 performed in the festival. Norko directed two entries, called "Foodies" and "Free at Last." "Free at Last" was one of the finalists in the competition that featured 14 plays. Norko sa...

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