Actors feel like “Kings Of New York” at Newsies callbacks: Photo of the day 12/10/19


Gabby North

Senior David Kominars sings for his callback.

by Gabby North, Reporter

On December 9, callbacks were held for drama’s spring musical Newsies! The competition was fierce, with over 30 students called back for various lead roles, the largest callback it has been in years. 

After completing a week of rigorous auditions, students were excited to further show off their talents one final time.

Freshman Malia Smaha said, “The callback process is a terrifying experience. You’re surrounded by so many people who are talented and amazing. Everyone is just there to support one another, and it’s a really loving and caring environment.” Smaha also had the opportunity to be a part of last year’s musical Beauty and The Beast as an eighth grader.

Much different from previous callbacks, students had to learn an additional tap dance number choreographed by Gabbie Smith. Smith has been competitively tapping for years, so it was no surprise to students when they learned she had choreographed the callback number for this show. 

Specific songs, along with sheet music, were given to students Friday to rehearse over the weekend. Those who were given callbacks for leads, were given the solo songs to learn for the respective roles.

The cast list was shared Monday night on the drama and dance website. Student director Emily Webb said, “Casting for the show was really hard. There were so many talented people in our department, so finding the best role for everyone was definitely a challenge.”

Senior Jeremy Hilton was cast as Jack Kelly, the male lead. He said, “I am so honored to be chosen for such an amazing role. We have an absolute all-star cast, and I believe it is going to be a truly wonderful show. We always work hard to put together a great performance, and I hope I can live up to the expectation.”

The cast is ecstatic to Seize each Day of rehearsals and to start the new production. Newsies performances will take place, April 23 through April 26, tickets will be on sale at after the winter holiday.