Techies get to work on “It’s a Wonderful Life”: Photo of the Day 10/15/19


Thomas French

John VanDine, Kate Stagter, Emily Watson and Christina Sherwood begin moving a door frame

“If you put your whole self into it, you will be so proud of what you make,” said Daniel Lake, assistant director,  at the beginning of tech rehearsals.

On October 11, more than 25 students met after school for tech rehearsals. After a pep talk from Katie Galetti, the stage manager, and Daniel Lake, the assistant director, the “techies” got to work.

The rehearsal involved moving several large platforms on wheels to storage and priming flats to be used for sets in the play.

According to Elizabeth Gilmore, a techie who has been in the program for four years, the most difficult prop she has had  to build was the spiked chair from The Addams Family.

Galetti predicts that the most difficult part of  It’s a Wonderful Life will be two wagons that need to be built.

“We have to put together two 12′ by 8′ wagons. They will each carry 10 flats on them, and will weigh roughly 400 lbs each,” said Galetti.

Progress is being made, as many of the other parts of tech are hard at work getting the stage ready for the fall performance.

“We already have a plan for the light cues, and we are currently replacing the lights and regeling them.”

It’s a Wonderful Life will be performed on November 15 and 16, and tickets can be bought on Showtix4U.