Lancer Spotlight: Linganore theater arts department hosts spring banquet


Ellowyn Ojeda

All of the new inductees of the International Thespian Society stand on the apron of the Linganore stage.

by Ellowyn Ojeda, Reporter

On May 19, the Linganore High School (LHS) theater arts department held their annual spring banquet in the LHS auditorium.

During the banquet, thirteen students were inducted into the International Thespian Society (ITS)

Many others were also given awards for their contributions to the fall and spring productions. These awards are called the “Smakies,” a unique combination of the theater directors Daniel Lake and Angela Smithhislers’ last names. Lake is a math teacher at LHS and Smithhisler is a theater, film studies and dance teacher.

“We had two really big shows this year, “Puffs” and “The Little Mermaid,” Smithhisler said. “I’m really proud of the growth of everyone during the productions, especially the growth of the ensemble.”

These awards featured fun categories such as “Best Supporting Character,” “Most Likely to Show Up Late” and “Most Likely to Cry During Tech Week.” 

Graduation honor cords were handed out to seniors as well, as an acknowledgment and appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the department throughout their high school experience. 

Julia Hersch, Kennedy Ordono, Lalah Briscoe, Isabella Anderson and Joseph Looper were all presented with an honors cord during the ceremony. 

At the conclusion of the banquet, the spring musical and fall play for the 2023-2024 school year were announced. 

Next year, the fall play will be “Clue,” and the spring musical will be “Shrek, the Musical.” 

“We thought about who we’ve already worked with in past years and their talents, the different parts of the play, and what would really inspire the group of people that we have,” Lake said. “This all went into the decision of picking Shrek as the musical for this coming spring.”

Both of the directors are very excited to welcome new talent next year, as well as the returning group of actors from previous years.