Sarah Gunn talks economics


Peyton Johnson

Sarah Gunn gives a presentation about the economy and the Federal Reserve.

by Peyton Johnson , Reporter

On December 3, economic education specialist Sarah Gunn talked to students in PREP about the Federal Reserve. Gunn taught about the importance of the Federal Reserve in students’ lives and how the choices they will make later in life relate to the Federal Reserve.

Many people think the primary purpose of the Federal Reserve is to print money, but Gunn said, “We get the money from point A to point B. The Federal Reserve does not print money.”

The Federal Reserve is the main bank of the United States, and it was created to provide the U.S. a more stable, flexible financial and monetary system. Inflation is when the price of something rises and deflation is when the price of something lowers. Both, out of control, are not good for the economy. One of the jobs the Federal Reserve has is to keep inflation and deflation down. They try to only increase it by 2% a year.

The Federal Reserve was created on December 23, 1913 because all of the states had different banks, and there was a great need for a central bank for the U.S. One topic Gunn talked a lot about was how everyone plays a key role in the economy. You are a buyer, a voter, a borrower, a seller, and many more roles that individuals have that influence the economy.

Mr. Beaver and many other history and government teachers brought their students to listen to Gunn speak during PREP.