Getting creative in Mr.Stair’s class: Photo of the Day 1/22/19


Emily Lotito

Madison Baker holds all the moons from her project

by Emily Lotito, Reporter

With the end the of the semester approaching, students and teachers are wrapping up their classes with finals and projects. Students in Mr. Scott Stair’s third period class, Physics of Earth and Space, have been working on projects about what they have learned during the semester. Students chose to research their top three topics from the following- The Universe, The Sun, The Solar System, The Geosphere, Human Impact on the Geosphere, and Energy and its Sources. Stair then would pick the topic for each group, trying to give the groups one of their top three choices.

In groups of three to four, Students must dig deep into their topic and choose a certain detail they would like to present. Groups have to create a presentation or video along with a visual representation of their topic. The students must follow guidelines from Mr. Stair and, most importantly, BE CREATIVE!

One group decided to focus on researching the moons of the Solar System. They did research on moons from Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Mercury and Venus do not have moons so they were not included. They produced a slideshow providing details about one or two moons from each planet along with what the moon(s) look like. Their visual is a tri-fold that was painted to look like the galaxy with painted styrofoam balls acting as the moons and their mother planets.

Madison Baker, a member of the Class of 2022, said, “I liked doing the project because it was fun working with other classmates that had different ideas on what they thought the project should look like and what it should be. It was fun seeing the final project put together and having the whole class interact with my group in the presentation.”

Other groups have created presentations about everything from volcanoes to windmills. One group is using different sized balls to show amounts of water on earth globally. Each group will present to the class from January 22 to January 25.