New futsal club “kicks” into gear


Braden Weinel

Freshman, Joe Pringle goes for goal in the first futsal club meeting

by Braden Weinel, Reporter

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This year, the newly created futsal club, led by advisor Mark Lastova,  grabbed the attention of many students, with over 50 members signing up at the club fair.

Futsal is a Uruguayan style of soccer that is played on a hard surface, such as a basketball court. The game is played with five players on each team and a smaller, heavier soccer ball. Some styles of futsal are played with larger goals and a goalkeeper on each team; whereas, other styles are played with small goals and no goalkeeper.

Club president Braden Weinel and vice-president Bailey Bennett approached Lastova last spring because they knew Lastova was a soccer coach.  After Bennett and Weinel got Lastova on board,  he helped them break down logistics.

Lastova said, “There were a few students who wanted to start a futsal club. I thought it was a good idea since I like futsal, so I decided to advise it.”

The new club is on B days in the main gym. At club, the members form into teams and then begin to play. Each game last approximately 20 minutes, two games at a time. At every club meeting, the teams will play different opponents. For the last two club days in the spring, there will be the playoffs, which every team will play in. At the end of the year, one team will be crowned the futsal club champions and will receive a trophy with each team member’s name on it.

Competition aside, all members, regardless of skill, are encouraged to play. In fact, each member gets a free futsal club T-shirt for being in the club. The shirts are sponsored by “The Derby” in New Market and will have the Linganore futsal Club logo on the front.

Lastova said, “I think it is important that all students join a club or activity, and I think this (club) is one where students can release some energy and bond with other students by becoming part of the Lancer community.”

If you are interested in joining the club next year, you can talk to Mr. Lastova, Bailey Bennett, or Braden Weinel. Sign ups for the club next year will be in the fall of 2019.