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Disney vs College – Which would you choose? Both!

by Lily Weaver, Managing Editor

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Disney: The happiest place on earth.

College: Four years of intense learning.

What happens when you combine both? You get the magical Disney College Program. Most have no idea that this opportunity exists.

For 2016 graduate Grace Weaver, and 5,000 2018 CP’s the magic is just beginning. She will start the program in January 2019.

The Disney College Program, also known as DCP, is where college students can take a semester off and work in Disney World or Disneyland. During the program, they are assigned jobs like Disney Photopass, Quick Service Food & Beverage (QSFB), Lifeguard, Ride attendant, and more.

The only requirement to apply is the applicant must be enrolled in a college or university or have graduated within the past six months.

Students are considered full time interns and get paid minimum wage. Most of the money they earn, however, is used to pay for housing. The interns live in Disney housing in an apartment complex.

Applicants have a three-step process. First the initial basic application form, then a web interview, and, if they’re chosen, a phone interview. Some applicants wait a while in between each step while others know right away.

Between 15,000-20,000 people apply every year and only 5,000 are chosen. This seems like a large number, but Disney employs’ 62,000 around the world.

“In the phone-based interview this is where you get to really show who you are as a person,” said Weaver.

The Disney semester could put some behind, but many, applicants take online classes in the summer to ensure they’ll still graduate with their class. Depending in their degree goal, college major and your role at Disney, the internship could count towards class credit.

During the program, the CP’s typically work five days a week. The other days they’re free to do what they want, but most students spend as much time as they can in the parks. I mean, they’re in Disney for three months!

“The best perk of being a DCP is getting discounts, and for every 150 hours you work, you get three complimentary park passes for any Disney property (not including Tokyo) to share with your friends and family,” said 2016 LHS Graduate and  DCP Fall 2018 student Sara Combs.

Another perk ,is of course, making a guest’s day. This could be by doing something small, like a free fast pass to their favorite ride, or big, like helping them meet every Disney princess or character.

“My favorite part is being able to see the difference that you’re making in a guest’s day. Not everyone expects the magic Disney provides so seeing the gratitude in someone’s face when you go that extra mile to give them a little pixie dust is so rewarding,” said Bronwynne Weismiller two-time DCP student.

Working at Disney and being a CP can help beef up a resume.

“Each interview I went on, they asked me about my experience with Disney first. I let them know how much Disney helped me grow into a leader,” said Class of 2011 and RDCP student Emily Welch Robertson. Robertson is now a preschool teacher at The Banner School.

Interested? Apply for Summer 2019.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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Disney vs College – Which would you choose? Both!