Lauren Hall’s top 10 worst Christmas gifts for teens


by Lauren Hall, Reporter

1. Fruitcake

There’s a 50/50 chance of someone either loving or hating fruitcake. If you’re going to a holiday gathering, bring one or the other: fruit or cake. Do not combine the two unless you want to arrive bearing a baked disaster in a dish.

2. Age Inappropriate Gifts

Receiving a gift that is obviously inappropriate to your age group, especially from a relative, is sad at the very least. Don’t accidentally buy a dolly play set for your 12 year old cousin. Make sure to double check about a relative’s age before subjecting them to such disappointment.

3. Perfume and Cologne

Buying perfumes and cologne is like spinning the wheel of fortune; there’s only a chance someone may love the scent. Only buy perfume or cologne if it is a specific kind that the person likes.

4. Outdated Calendar

Be careful not to accidentally gift an unused old calendar you have lying around.  Double check the longevity. With a gift as useful as a calendar, it’s important to make sure it can be used for as long as possible. If you’re giving someone a calendar that is only good for a month, you might as well be giving them a gallon of milk.

5. Re-Gifts

Everyone has re-gifted an unwanted present before. The worst feeling is receiving a present that has already been torn open and passed on. If you don’t want to be wasteful and re-gift something you would otherwise throw away, at least give the gift a new wrap-job and a pretty bow.

6. Shoes

Unless you know them well, giving someone shoes can be a really awkward gift; not to mention casually asking them for their shoe size. Don’t buy someone shoes unless you know them well enough to shoe shop for them or if there’s a specific shoe they’ve been wanting.

7. Clothes and Accessories

Unless for a close friend, receiving clothes and accessories from an acquaintance can be uncomfortable. On the contrary, fluffy socks are always a good go-to for people of any familiarity.

8. Fidget Spinner

Fads and trends may seem exciting when they’re all the rage, but receiving a popular gift after it’s popularity has died down is like drinking a soda after it’s been opened for six months—the fizz is all gone.

9. Personally Unfavorable Gift Card

Don’t give a McDonald’s gift card to a vegetarian. If it’s a clothing store gift card, find out where someone likes to shop rather than guessing.

10. Tchotkes and Knick-Knacks

Unless someone’s house is full of hundreds of glass figurines of strange objects, don’t try to start someone’s collection. This gift will likely serve no purpose and get thrown away or get re-gifted repeatedly until it gets thrown away.