Getting to know the new teachers: Cory Matheny encourages students to “do more”


Jacob Blue

Mr. Matheny works with his first block English class.

by Jacob Blue, Reporter

English teacher, Cory Matheny, transferred from a position at Boonsboro High in Washington County where he taught AP World History and English. Although he is new to the school, he feels welcomed by his students.

As a high school student, Matheny focused on soccer, English, and history.

If he could go back in time and speak to his younger adolescent self, he would tell himself and students to, “do more,” meaning participating in student government, theater, and taking all classes more seriously.

Pieces of literature and cinematography which have influenced him include A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, The Wire created by David Simon, and City Of God directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund.

As a junior and senior in high school and a freshman in college, Matheny started to help coach at soccer camps. Matheny really enjoyed interacting with the kids and teaching them how to operate on the field.

As a boy, Matheny’s father believed that he should be a teacher, but, just like every other 15-year-old boy, Matheny wanted to do the opposite of what his dad told him. However, while in college, Matheny had many professors who showed him that being a teacher could be a totally different experience compared to what he had seen. Dr. Jared Miller was one of the men who showed Matheny the potential of teaching and how it allows for people to interact with one another.

Matheny received his undergraduate at Salisbury university, a graduate degree from Loyola niversity and University of Baltimore. Along with that, Matheny is currently going to Hood College to get his second graduate degree in Educational Leadership (Administration).

Matheny is married to Mrs. Elizabeth Matheny, an English teacher new to Fredrick High. They have a baby boy, a cat, and a dog. Before he had the baby, the couple used to travel cross-country almost every summer. Now he just likes to sit outside in silence and read or think.

Matheny said, ” I go from being here at school where there’s a lot of kids, to being home where there’s a crying baby.”

While teaching at Boonsboro, some of his students for Halloween dressed up as Matheny. They wore his signature flannel shirts, slacks, and carried peanut butter around with them because Matheny likes to snack on it during class.

Matheny wants to be able to make his class interesting but also be able to help everyone to further themselves in whatever they choose to do.

Matheny said, ” I want to be able to pay personal attention to my kids and offer them the help that they individually need.”

Branden Weinel, who is a member of the Class of 2020, said, “He teaches in a way that keeps us interested, that doesn’t bore us. He sets up our class so that we are never doing the same thing the entire time.”