Welcome Class of 2021: Everything you need to know about ceramics


Lily Weaver

Rachel Sorensen and Samantha Volo work on their June project.

by Cindy Zheng, Reporter

Freshman year most students take required courses.  They do have a little room for electives, though.  Ceramics is one of those choices.  Who doesn’t love getting messy with clay, paint and imagination?

Students have the choice of Art I, ceramics, digital photography and/or computer graphics to fulfill their fine arts credit. All art classes include a small lab fee anywhere from $26 to $47 dollars. Of all of these ceramics is by far the most popular choice from freshman.

This class is taught by two teachers, Christian Madenspacher and Georgia Geisser. Both instructors teach all four levels, and Geisser said, “We usually assign different projects every year, so students get to experience with different skills. They are all very cool and freshmen should look forward to them.”

Most students agreed saying that the animal pen and ink drawing in Art I was their favorite. Others enjoyed the famous person collage project they are currently working on.

In the ceramics class, Geisser said, “Most students enjoy the architectural structure project.”

Both Art 1 and ceramics are great choices for freshmen.  Geisser advises these students to think about where their skills lie. She said, “Most students tend to think that ceramics is an easier alternative to art, but that’s just not the case. You still do have to complete sketches, and this class would be really great for a student with hand motor skills.”

Geisser also recommends for students who have talents in the visual arts to try Art I, as it is focused on drawing and painting skills.