Welcome Class of 2021: Study up with Linganore’s tutoring options


Mary Jo York assists Jake Bolger with his mathematics schoolwork.

by Matthew Gelhard, Reporter

Most students shy away from tutoring, feeling that they don’t need it, but those who put extra work in learn more. If you don’t fully grasp a concept, why would you sit back and watch your grade fall off the charts?

The registrar Kathryn Rich said that in Term 3 12.3% of the freshman class of 2021 had a GPA of 2.0 or under, which sounds very good, but that would mean 3 of every 25 students would are ineligible.

Getting tutoring isn’t only for kids that are struggling. It’s also for those who could use a brush up on their school work, from quick check over homework or a lesson that you don’t fully understand. Tutoring opportunities help students to improve and enhance their learning environment.

Mrs. Mary Jo York’s room C-204 is open for tutoring Monday through Thursday from 2:15-3:30. She and many other tutors, are there to help. She can help with mathematics, and the other tutors can assist with other areas such as English, history, foreign language, science, and more. After school tutoring can just be a quiet place to work.

Mrs. Tracey Cassidy is another option for tutoring in C-202. Mrs. Cassidy provides morning tutoring from 6:30 to 7:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other tutoring times can be provided with by discussing with Mrs. Cassidy. Her room provides a 1-on-1 atmosphere in a quiet environment to work. This way students can get attention that they need and can make connections with a teacher.

“A reason students shy away from tutoring is that they are embarrassed that they need more time to study and are unsure about the environment, however these tutoring opportunities take place in a comfortable environment where there is no need to stress or worry about others,” said Cassidy.

This place is a good environment, with other students looking for the same thing that you are looking for, a good grade. This room also has access to materials that you may not have at your own disposal from colored pencils to computers that are accessible here.

A way to utilize tutoring is to come daily or a few times a week to keep a check on if you are understanding the material given in your classroom.

Other options in the school are available. Ask your teacher to pull you during PREP. PREP is used for catching up on schoolwork and extracurricular activities such as clubs.

Sometimes whole sports teams are sent to Mrs. York’s room to get team tutoring. This was to assure that the players on the team would keep a high enough GPA to play. This should give you the idea that poor grades will affect your sports world.
Tutoring opportunities are given all across the school and are here to utilize. Some kids take this for granted. Will you?