Welcome Class of 2021: Lancer Sports Overview


Ethan Hart

Sports at Linganore!

Varsity Football 2016-2017 record: 7-4

Head coach: Richard Conner

Season Highlights: Went as far as the second round of the playoffs, losing to Damascus. Key wins include defeating Middletown and Urbana.

Prediction: With a young team and so many injuries, varsity football is bound to make a comeback next season and get farther in the playoffs then they did last season.


Boys Varsity Lacrosse 2016-2017 record: 17-1

Head coach: Richard Thompson

Season Highlights: Went all the way to the state semifinals against Glenelg High School

Prediction: After winning a state ring in the 15’-16’ season, and losing many seniors. Our Lancers put up an amazing fight to try to go back to back state titles. They look like they’re going to go 18-0 the start of next season.

Zach Michael- “It means a lot to play for Linganore and represent the school. It takes a lot of hard work but it pays off playing in front of your friends.”


Girls Varsity Lacrosse 2016-2017 record: 2-11

Head coach: Chris Ayers

Season Highlights: Two key wins against TJ and Catoctin, lost in first round of playoffs to Middletown.

Prediction: It wasn’t a great year, but with young, promising freshmen sure to develop, the program can go nowhere but up.


Varsity Baseball 2016-2017 record: 10-12  

Head coach: David Keiling

Season Highlights: The young varsity baseball went 10-12  in the regular season and reached the regional semifinals against Thomas Jefferson High School

Prediction: This team has already dealt their hardships, being more experienced next year, Lancer Varsity Baseball is bound to return to the regional championship.


Varsity Softball 2016-2017 record: 17-1

Head coach: Andrea Poffinberger

Season Highlights: After annihilating every team they played, the Linganore Varsity Softball team went in the playoffs with a winning attitude, and they brought back a regional championship.

Prediction: This team is more experienced then young, and with the past seniors teaching their ways to upcoming commodities, it would not be surprising if they returned for another regional championship. Better yet a state championship.

Sam Everett-“It’s really fun but it’s a lot of work keeping up with your grades and everyday practices. But overall it’s worth it.”


Boys Varsity Soccer 2016-2017 record: 5-9-2

Head coach: Brian Johnson

Season Highlights: Tied the Thomas Jefferson Patriots in regular season, later in the first round of the playoffs, Linganore upsets them and moves on to the next round.

Prediction: The Linganore boys soccer had a young team last season, with more experienced player next fall, this team is bound to go far in the playoffs.

Braden Weinel- “It takes all the stress of all your work in high school, and playing a sport means meeting a lot of new people. But, having practice everyday is very demanding so you have to commit yourself.”


Girls Varsity Soccer 2016-2017 record: 17-4-1

Head coach: Howard Putterman

Season Highlights: After going 8-1 in their conference, soccer was a powerhouse in the county. They finished their season in the county playoff semifinals, losing to Urbana

Prediction: While losing many key seniors such as Miranda Timberlake and Grace Weaver, girl’s soccer can expect a group of JV players to come in and step up.


Boys Varsity Basketball 2016-2017 record: 16-8

Head coach: Tom Kraft

Season Highlights: The boys varsity basketball team stunned the crowd after putting up the season record they did, and beating Middletown throughout the season.

Prediction: Losing their whole lineup but one is like hitting the reset button. With the coaching staff they have now,  it’s mostly likely positive that they’ll go farther in the playoffs then they did this year.


Girls Varsity Basketball 2016-2017 record: 21-4

Head coach: Rachael Easterday

Season Highlights: Last season the girls varsity basketball team had an unbelievable season taking down and blowing out Westminister and Tuscarora, and absolutely destroyed the stat line.

Prediction: The girls basketball team didn’t lose that many seniors last season. This upcoming one, they’re going to be hungry to go farther than they did in the playoffs.



Varsity Volleyball 2016-2017 record: 6-3-1

Head coach: Andrea Poffinberger

Season Highlights: Went as far as the first round in the playoffs against Tuscarora Titans.

Prediction: Varsity Volleyball only played one round in the playoffs last season, but they’re fighting harder next season, and are going to be looking for at least a regional championship.

Reagan Walsh-“It’s fun because I get to play with my friends. Volleyball is really fun and I like getting to play the sport I love at a high level.”