Welcome Class of 2021: Advice from someone who’s been there. . .

Leyton Eddins and Emma Kokoski attend the 8th grade formal at New Market Middle.

courtesy of Kristen Eddins

Leyton Eddins and Emma Kokoski attend the 8th grade formal at New Market Middle.

by Mason Eddins, Reporter

Two New Market 8th grade graduates, my brother Leyton Eddins and his girlfriend, Emma Kokoski, talked about their expectations for becoming Lancers Class of 2021.  I had to set them straight.


Eddins: I think it’ll be fun, but I’ll have to work hard.

Kokoski: I’m not sure what to expect out of high school.

Reality Check (My response): School can be fun, but it’s also stressful. There’s a lot more freedom in high school than there is in middle school. With great power comes great responsibility. You’ll be able to choose from a wider selection of classes. There are also frequent tests to study for and homework to turn in. While in high school, you’ll have to be responsible for how you use your time. The amount of stress you’ll feel throughout high school depends on the classes you choose.

Exciting Future:

Eddins: I’m excited for sports.

Kokoski: I think basketball will be fun.

Reality Check: It’s good to be excited for sports, but it’s not the only thing you should be excited for. You should be excited to meet new people, go to homecoming or prom. There are so many exciting things going on.  I was surprised to find that journalism and computer graphics were really interesting.  The spring musical was fun to watch–try to join some clubs, too.  There are so many nice people who work and go here. Be open to try new things.


Eddins: I’m least excited for the finals at the end of the year.

Kokoski: Homework.

Reality Check: Some classes give no homework while other classes give a lot of homework. From personal experiences, I’ve forgotten to complete my homework and turn it in on time–and that hurts your grades. My advice to you is to have something to write down what homework you may have–use your agenda. This could also help for remembering when you have tests.


Eddins: I’m happy that I’ll be able to see my my sister and brother and make new friends.

Kokoski: I’m excited to meet new people and hang out with long-time friends.

Reality Check: Even though you might have tons of friends from middle school, it’s still a good idea to make new friends while in high school. Everyone is growing and changing.  I made some of my best new friends just sharing a lunch table. You’re not always going to have the same classes or lunch shift with your friends.


Eddins: I’ll try to play basketball and football.

Kokoski: Yes. I’m going to play basketball.

Reality Check: Not only is playing a sport a good idea to stay active or to get a scholarship, but you can be a great spectator of the games. Everyone is a member of The Tribe, and Lancer spirit is one of the best parts of our school. Even you don’t end up trying out for any sports team, playing recreational sports is a good idea.


Eddins: No. I’m not going to be joining any clubs.

Kokoski: No. I’m not going to join any clubs in high school.

Reality Check: Joining a club can be fun. There are over 45 clubs for you to join. These clubs can range from the fishing club to the GSA Club (Gay Straight Alliance).  This is one of my regrets for freshman year.  Next year, I’ll be joining at least one club, maybe more.