Welcome Class of 2021: Getting to know the building


Cindy Zheng

Madison Reeley welcomes the Class of 2021.

by Madison Reeley and Cindy Zheng

Linganore High School was built so that one side of the Main Street has all of the public space which includes the gym, cafeteria, and band room (excluding the Media Center). While the other side consists of the office and the classrooms. Even though it looks like an unsolvable maze,  all rooms are organized into colors, letters and numbers. The first floor only consists of rooms with the starting number 100  ranging from 101 to 144. This is also where subjects like science, math, PE and varies agriculture classes can be found. Cindy Zheng

From the main entrance of the school, you will find the the band room and the auditorium. Often, plays and special concert events are done here. Further back behind the band room is where the dance, piano and music technology classes are. The back doors, opposite from the main entrance, is where the gym is located. Near the main gym is the athletic hallway. In the athletic hallway, is the auxiliary gym, the fitness/wrestling room and the weight room. Events such as the art show, the community show and blood drives are set here.

Cindy Zheng
Linganore has several resource centers that are open to all students and are frequently visited by many classes. It important to familiarize yourself with these resources so you can find them when you need to. The
Media Center is located in the center on the school on the top floor and has a glass walls, so it’s hard to miss. Many students hang out here before school.

There are several computer labs around the school (labeled LAB on map). There will be times when teachers tell their students to meet in computer labs the following day.  Don’t worry about knowing where they are because your teacher will take you there the first couple of times.

Other resources like, the main office, student services, and the health room are all downstairs located along Main Street. The cafeteria is the heart of Main Street.  Student services is across from it.  The health room is the last door on the right before you leave for the buses.

There are three lunch shifts.  All lunch shifts are based on the student’s third period class. If you don’t know which shift you belong to, attend to your third period class right after prep and your teacher would be happy to tell you. Unlike middle school, the grades are mixed together during lunch.Cindy Zheng

During third period, the cafeteria restrooms are the only unlocked restrooms. All other bathrooms in the school will be locked. If you need to use the restroom at this time, you will have to go all the way to the cafeteria, so it’s best to go during your lunch shift.

In the morning, there will be time between when you arrive and when your first class begins. During this time students congregate along Main Street and in the cafeteria with their groups of friends. Even if you don’t have morning classes together, you can still hang out with your friends before school.

This may be a whole lot to take in as a freshman, but there are ways to help ease the situation. The hallways will always have signs on the walls showing what classrooms are in the area.  I would recommend you to visit the school on orientation day to familiarize yourself with your classes.

The second floor includes the art, history, English and world language courses (Spanish, French, Latin and German). All of the history and art classes are located in the green hallway. The English and language classrooms are within the blue hallways.

To get from an upstairs classroom to downstairs, you can take the side stairs which are more convenient than the main stairs, and a lot less crowded. These side stairs are in all four corners of the second floor which also applies to the first floor.