Welcome Class of 2021: Get unified with unified sports!


Susan Rossman

Erin Lafferty and Allison King help Sarah Webber see where the pallino is.

by Grace Brooks, Reporter

Unified Sports bring students with and without disabilities together on the same team. The team competes against teams from other schools.

Unified sports offered in Frederick County are bocce ball, tennis, and track and field. Linganore also has a unified P.E. class.

The team usually has practice two days a week for an hour, where students learn basic skills in that sport and then practiced. The team competes with other schools one night a week.

The unified teams allow for students without disabilities to play sports they enjoy and to meet new people on the teams.

“The team and class are for everyone. If you’re not great at sports that is okay. It’s about the experience and having fun,” said Rachael Easterday, the unified P.E. teacher and tennis coach.

Kelly Rippeon, a member of the class of 2017, took unified P.E. for two years and has had a great experience.

“My favorite thing had to be helping students with disabilities get better at something they were passionate about. I saw them grow and improve over the two years that I was in the class. Everyone should take it,” said Rippeon.

Mrs. Mary Cate Henry has been the unified bocce ball coach for four years and has taught in the Learning for Life program for eight years.

“Unified sports is beneficial to students because it’s fun and social. It gives all kids the chance to be on a competitive team,” said Henry.

Suscha Campbell, a member of the class of 2019 has participated in unified track and bocce ball.

“Bocce ball is my favorite sport to play. I like unified sports because I get to hang out with all my friends,” said Campbell.

The unified sports teams are for anyone who is interested. The teams allow for students to unify and have a great time playing sports. If you are interested talk to Mrs. Henry or Mrs. Easterday to get more information.