Unified Track sprints into the season: Photo of the day 4/5/16


Elena Guardia

Members of the unified track team stretch before their first practice.

On Tuesday April 4th, 2016 the Unified track officially kick-started their season with their first practice. Unified track has participants in all grades, athletes and their buddies.

After time trials at Urbana were cancelled on Monday,  the team practiced their events and conducted their own time trials at practice. The team will have a total of three track meets that will help prepare them for counties and states at the end of their season.

Third year participant senior Emily Rieland enjoys unified track because she thinks it’s a great way to get involved with the school. “I’ve volunteered in special education work for seven years outside of school. When I saw that unified track was an activity offered here at school, I immediately wanted to get involved!” Rieland said her favorite part about unified track is hanging out with all her teammates, and cheering each other on.

Coach Susan Delizia has been coaching unified track since the program started. This season she is most looking forward to watching the team interact with each other. “I just want people to have fun and make friendships and form bonds from this season.”

Austin Flickinger has been participating in unified track  since he was a freshman. He joined the team because his gym teacher told him he was fast. His favorite part about unified track is all the friends he gets to make. “I like to make new friends every year and meet new people” Flickinger said.

If you want to help cheer on the team, you can catch them next Wednesday April 13th, at their first meet at home. The meet will take place in the stadium at 3:30.