Tacky tourists visit LHS for spirit week: Photo of the Day 10/4/16


photo by Natalie Rebetsky

Mrs. Rebetsky's English 9 class show off their school spirit for Tacky Tourist Day.

by Grace Weaver, Editor-in-Chief

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On October 4, the first day of spirit week for homecoming, students and staff dressed up as tacky tourists. While students must follow school rules they can get very creative with what they wear.

Senior Ines Garofolo said, “Spirit week is really fun because you can go all out, and nobody judges for you.”

The themes for this year are as followed:

Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day

Wednesday: Patriotic Day (Red, Blue, White, Stars and Stripes)

Thursday: Class Color Day ( Freshmen: Red, Sophomores: Yellow, Juniors: Blue, Seniors: Tie-dye)

Friday: Red, Black, and Bow day

Senior Allyson Dongarra said, “Spirit week is awesome! I wish we could dress up more.” This year due to the day off for Rosh Hashanah, spirit week is four days opposed to five.

Each student that dressed up as a tacky tourist received a point for their grade. The points are then tallied up at the end of each day and then on Friday the class with the most points will win the spirit stick at Pep Rally.

Students can also gain points for their class through lunch time competitions. One student from every grade competes in a competition. Today, students tried to get cotton balls into a bucket with vaseline on their noses.

Students compete at annual lunch time competitions to earn spirit points for their grade.
photo by Bridget Murphy
Students compete at annual lunch time competitions to earn spirit points for their grade.

At the Friday pep rally, the class with the most points will receive the spirit stick. Over the past years, seniors have come out on top, but this year it is up for grabs once again.

There are many exciting activities that happen during pep rally including  performances by pom and dance, cheer and band, games played by the homecoming court, and cheers led by the tribe and cheerleaders.

This year there is also a chance that a staff member will kiss a pig or receive a pie in the face.