LHSsees2020: Tanner Ridgely and Kayleigh Day ride the Mustang to Stevenson University

Kayleigh Day and Tanner Ridgley are to attend Stevenson University in Owing Mills this fall. Day plans to study medical laboratory science and get her doctorate in the future to become a certified forensic pathologist. Ridgley is to major in pre-physical therapy.

“I loved Stevenson after the first time I went there,” said Day. “It felt like home, and they offered everything I wanted, so no other school compared.”

A major deciding factor for Stevenson the scholarships. Both girls plan to play sports at their new school. Day is going to participate in the Mustang softball team, and Ridgley plans to be a part of the field hockey team.

“The campus is new,” Ridgley said.

Day agreed, “I like how the campus is small and very new and updated in their buildings.”

“I will miss my friends and the teachers that have helped me along the way,” said Day, “but I’m super excited to be going to Stevenson with Tanner. We’ve been friends since elementary school, and it’ll be nice having that comfort of already being close to someone when I go to Stevenson in the fall. I think we’ll have a lot of fun together.”

“I’m going to miss the football games and the tribe,” Ridgely said, “I can’t wait [to go to college with Day]. I think it’s going to be a blast, and it feels good to know someone from home!”