LHSsees2020: Laura Glawe slips into Slippery Rock


Alyssa Mattison

Laura Glawe slips into Slippery Rock.

Laura Glawe will be a happy Class of 2020 member at Slippery Rock University next fall.

She was one of the lucky few who had her plans set when school started. “I knew I was going there since about last May,” said Glawe.

Glawe has played lacrosse all of her life and will be playing goalie there next year. “I’m looking forward to playing lacrosse with my roommate, and meeting all these girls from different states and coming together as one.” 

Her roommate from Pennsylvania will also be a lacrosse player. They have come together because of college, and a bond is forming between the two as athletes and as friends.

Glawe plans to double-major in early childhood education and special education. A double major  will require an increased class load each semester.  With a busy academic schedule, Glawe has decided that she will just be participating in one extra-curricular activity. “One is enough!”

With that in mind, Glawe knows that while it may be tough she is willing to push through it to get her dream job. “I want to be a first or second grade special ed teacher. I love teaching and working with kids, and special ed kids don’t get as many opportunities as they should,so I think I could give them their opportunities.”

Slippery Rock is known for its four special rocks, as you move on to a the next year you are considered a new rock. Glawe said,”The first rock is very un-refined to be compared to freshmen who are unrefined and new when they first come in. As you go down the line, the rocks become more clean and distinguished, like how when seniors graduate they are formed and ready for the world. Moving along you get a little bit smarter, a little bit more refined.”

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