LHSsees2020: Katie Lamb draws up her JMU plans


Knowing she wanted to study graphic design and business, Katie Lamb decided to choose a school with a great art program. “I want to major in graphic design and going to JMU will help me to excel at that.” Lamb will officially become a James Madison University Duke Dog.

The beautiful campus, and people of JMU captured Lamb’s eye after her visit. ” The college has a beautiful campus, and I like the location of it. I also like the size. It’s not too big but not too small and all the people there are so nice!”

Lamb is looking forward to joining various clubs on campus, attending lots of sporting events, and possibly even joining a sorority. Lamb is also planning on taking advantage of nearby mountains so she can go snowboarding in the winter.

Feeling excited to start her new life, Lamb also knows she will be missing the traditions and pride that comes with being a Lancer. “I’ll be missing the Linganore community as a whole, and even though I’ll be going to games at JMU it wont be the same as the traditional chants we do here and, of course, the Tribe.”