LHSsees2020: Dan Ross and Tyler Fleagle march up to West Point


photo by Elena Guardia

Dan Ross and Tyler Fleagle march up to West Point

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Dan Ross and Tyler Fleagle have made the decision to go to West Point to continue their education and serve their country. Fleagle plans to major in economics or management, and Ross is still undecided.

West Point is one of five United States military academies, and being accepted to one a high honor.  Over fourteen thousand potential students apply to go to school at West Point and only 1,486 are admitted. Ross wanted to go to West Point because, “I wanted to serve as an officer in the United States Army.”

Both Fleagle and Ross have agreed that the campus is beautiful. Fleagle said, “The campus is unlike any other in the world.”

At West Point, the boys are both playing a sport for the academy. Ross has been playing lacrosse his entire life and will continue playing for West Point. Fleagle has been playing football for six years, and he will play at West Point as well.

Fleagle has also decided that he wants to become involved in YoungLife if he has the extra time. YoungLife is a Christian organization that reaches out to teens to spread Christianity.

While they are going to miss some of their friends at Linganore, they are happy to be going to college together, “I feel that it will be fun to have a close friend come with me,” said Ross.

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