Class of 2020 members learn about Shakespeare and palmistry: Photo of the Day 10/17/2016


courtesy of Natalie Rebetsky

Mrs. Rebetsky’s English 9 study their palms and try to guess their futures based on the lines.

by Savannah Sitler, Reporter

Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky’s English 9 students are currently reading The Merchant of Venice, a comedy written by William Shakespeare that involves romance and drama.

On October 17, Rebetsky’s students read Act 2, Scene 1, where character Launcelot the Clown shares that he has received good news, which must mean he has a lucky palm. He reads his own palm in the scene, speculating that the lines reveal he will have 15 wives in his future.

In order to get a more complete outlook on the art of palmistry that Launcelot displayed in the play, the students all visited WikiHow, where the website explained to them how to tell their own fortunes through the lines on their palms.

Grace Gaydosh, a student in Rebetsky’s class, said “It was really cool. We got to look at the lines on your palm. For example, the different lines can tell fortune and personality traits. Like, I don’t fall in love easily.”