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Lake’s English class performs 12 Angry Men: Photo of the Day 11/22/19

Juror 3 (Alex Kullgren) and Juror 4 (Haley Lewis) talk about the case.

by Grace Truedson, Reporter

November 22, 2019

On Monday, November 18, Mr. Dan Lake's fourth period English 9 class started their performance of the play 12 Angry Men. When Lake announced that the class was going to perform, everyone was thrilled to hear that they wouldn't have to read it silently. "It's super interesting and I'm super desperat...

Class of 2020 members learn about Shakespeare and palmistry: Photo of the Day 10/17/2016

Mrs. Rebetsky's English 9 study their palms and try to guess their futures based on the lines.

by Savannah Sitler, Reporter

October 17, 2016

Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky’s English 9 students are currently reading The Merchant of Venice, a comedy written by William Shakespeare that involves romance and drama. On October 17, Rebetsky’s students read Act 2, Scene 1, where character Launcelot the Clown shares that he has received good news, ...

Welcome to LHS: Kronk blends technology with a love of literature and films

Welcome to LHS: Kronk blends technology with a love of literature and films

by Elizabeth Anderson and Grace Gaydosh

September 1, 2016

“When I was a kid I wanted to be a pilot.” Mr. Matthew Kronk, one of four new English teachers, likes to consider himself an adventurer even if he hasn't traveled much. From delivering papers to working in a steel mill, he seems to have tried many job and career paths.   Why choose educati...

Class of 2020: Everything you need to know about English 9

From left to right: Corynne Lovewell, Olivia Merritt, and Maria Migliove

by Hannah Haught, Editor

June 7, 2016

English 9 is one of the core classes of freshman year. It involves a lot more reading, reading comprehension, and grammar. As intimating as that may seem, the class can be a breeze as long as you stay on task and listen to Lancer Media's tips for succeeding in English 9. What to bring? Next year English stu...

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