Class of 2020: Everything you need to know about government


photo courtesy of Grace Weaver

Ms. Hendi’s government class watches a movie educating the students about the dangers of racism.

by Alyse Montgomery, Reporter

Freshman year marks the beginning of students having a bigger voice in school and having more freedom to be independent.  Many of these freedoms are made possible by our government.  With these new freedoms being introduced to students and students voyaging into the real world in the near future, Government is an important class freshman take in order to learn more about not only our government here in the United States, but also different governments present around the world.

What activities and topics will students be learning while in government? Students taking government can expect to spend their class doing projects, making foldables, making posters, practicing document based questions (DBQs) for their CRES, and taking notes on types of governments, civil rights, court cases, and other various topics concerning the way a nation runs.

What can students look forward to while in government? Among the many topics in Government, Unit 4 is popular among previous students.  Unit 4 of Government concerns civil rights and court cases.  Because of the many student concerned court cases in history, students often are able to become invested in these various cases and apply their own application of their civil rights to their studies.

Government teacher Ms. Michelle Richardson said, “Students often enjoy asking the ‘what if?’ questions during Unit 4.”

Why is government an important class to take as a freshman? In general, the government teachers offer a wide variety of activities for students to complete in order to prepare them for the Government HSA.  In order to graduate from high school, students must pass various assessments, one being the government HSA.  Therefore, students should make sure to pay close attention and participate in the various activities and note taking that goes along with the class.

What supplies are needed for government? To ensure students are prepared as possible for government, there are a few basic supplies necessary for government.  Students will need loose leaf paper, pencils, pens, and their provided government book.  The way in which students choose to organize their notes and other assignments is totally up to each individual student.