People You Need To Know: Mrs. Peggy Rice, Main Office secretary


Julia Peigh

Mrs. Rice is in the main office every day.

by Noah Ismael, Editor-in-Chief

This is the third profile in Lancer Media’s Back to School Series: People You Need to Know.  The staff members profiled in this series were selected because they influence freshmen success.

If you ever have a question and you don’t know where to go, you should stop by the main office and talk to Mrs. Peggy Rice.

Rice has worked at Linganore since October of 1998. “I communicate, direct, and greet parents and visitors; I do customer service; I direct phone calls to the various departments and staff members; I maintain all ID badges and keys; I monitor security video for the school,” she said.

Rice said that she does so much, it is almost difficult to describe what she does.

“I always say you cannot put my job duties on paper. It’s a day-to-day basis as it comes. Every day it’s something new, and you just try to do the best you can.”

Rice’s focus on the customer comes from working at a bank for 18 years.

Though she is the winner of numerous customer service awards, including August’s First Class employee award, Mrs. Rice is shy at the mention of these accolades.

“I don’t want to be noticed. I’m not worried about awards. I just want to do the best job I can do.”

Rice said that there’s never a dull moment as front office secretary. “The parents and the visitors always something new to say. Something’s always going on.”

“I try to put a smile on their face when they come in and when they leave,” said Rice about her interactions with parents, students and faculty.