DGO Honoree Principal Barbara Nash shapes generations of students

by Julia Peigh, Watermark Editor

The Distinguished Graduate 2014 Academics honoree is Mrs. Barbara Nash, principal of Waverly Elementary School, and formal principal of Carroll Manor Elementary School.

“I wanted to become a principal because I wanted to create an environment where all teachers would love teaching,” said Nash.

Nash was part of Linganore’s first graduating class of 1963. She loved all her classes, especially physical education, math, U.S. history, and band, where she played saxophone. She was also involved in theater and sports. She was part of the very first theater production at Linganore, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

“It was so much fun. I played Bonnie, Dobie’s girlfriend.  Practicing was fun and the production was so exciting because this was a first for LHS,” said Nash.

“I admired my teachers at Linganore. They shaped my life by re-enforcing my decision to become a teacher.  I learned from their different styles and deliveries.  Linganore was also important in building my confidence and belief in my own abilities.”

Nash plans to retire soon. “My goals are to make a plan for my life after retirement.  I have been in school for 64 years- and quite happy about it.  I will have to learn to be retired.”

Nash will be focusing on her grandchildren, the third generation to attend Linganore.

Even though she is retiring from being a principal, she has one more lesson to teach. “My advice to 9th graders is to enjoy school.  It goes so quickly and is one of the greatest times of your life.  Take advantage of any and all opportunities to learn and grow.  Also show appreciation to all those who help you along the way.”

“The world of education has been wonderful.  I have had a great career and am so thankful.  My daughters have learned to value it as well and I’m very proud of that.” Both of Nash’s daughters are graduates of Linganore. One of her daughters, Ashley Barthlow, was a Distinguished Graduate in 2008 (Humanities) for her work as a veterinarian.