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Top 10 best cars at Linganore

Kassie Lane poses with her new car after passing her driver’s test.

Photo courtesy of: Kassie Lane

Kassie Lane poses with her new car after passing her driver’s test. Photo courtesy of: Kassie Lane

Kassie Lane poses with her new car after passing her driver’s test. Photo courtesy of: Kassie Lane

by Phoebe Kolesar, Reporter

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Look no further than the student parking lot for some of the hottest cars- Here is Lancer Media’s picks for the top 10 best cars at Linganore.

10.) Mark Geppi – Ford F150

9.) Alec Ocopal – 2007 Ford Truck F250

8.) Melanie Woods – 2008 BMW 328i

7.) Kyle Nicolet – 2008 Hummer H3

6.) Kassie Lane – 2008 Lexus IS 350

5.) Tommy Wegman – 2002 Jeep Wrangler X

4.) Steven Sparks – 2001 Mustang GT

3.) Nick Kraimer – 2006 Mercedes ML

2.) Julissa Canis – 2006 Hummer H3

1.) Jozef Kulis – 2005 Mustang V6

Coming in at number one is senior Jozef Kulis who owns a dark red sports car. He purchased it himself and said the process was exciting. While his parents help by paying insurance, he has to pay for gas which he said is $50 a week for his Mustang V6. His dream is to own an Astin Martin. (James Bond’s car)

While it’s expected of new drivers to be nervous about getting their licenses and driving on their own for the first time, junior Kassie Lane, owner of the Lexus IS, said, “Don’t stress. It’s a lot easier than you think.” Even though at first she was scared and nervous, she’s now happy to show off her car which she thinks reflects her flashy personality. Lucky for Lane, her car is from her dad, and she does not have to pay for gas or insurance.

However, that’s not the case for senior Tommy Wegman. His part-time job pays for his own gas and insurance for his big Jeep Wrangler X. He said, “I like to go muddin’. It’s a muddin’ Jeep. And I don’t care about going fast because I’m not a speed demon like the other kids at Linagnore.”

If you’re buying a car for the first time or even thinking about it, here are some helpful tips from “Teens’ Guide To Money.”

  • If you can’t afford to put down 20%, Don’t buy it!  If you can’t pay off the car in 48 months, don’t buy it!
  • Dealerships present their best sales towards the end of December, when people are spending a lot of holiday money NOT on cars- they need to make their quota.
  • For used cars: get a Carfax reportusing the vehicle’s VIN.  This will tell you the car’s history:  Whether or not it’s been in an accident, if it was ever stolen, who owns the title and a lot more.  Don’t buy a car if you don’t have this report or if a dealer won’t give it to you.  If you are buying a car directly from an individual, purchase this report yourself if the owner doesn’t already have one.  If you’re buying a car privately make sure to take it to a trusted mechanic to thoroughly check out the vehicle before closing the deal.
  •   Keep in mind extra money is always going to be needed for other related vehicle expenses such as unexpected parking fees, tolls, car washes, and, especially, gas.



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Top 10 best cars at Linganore